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Leather Keychain

For AirTag

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Rustic Brown

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Leather Keychain integrates the functionality of AirTag into your everyday carry in a secure, thermoformed Horween Leather holder. Designed to keep the powerful location tracking device permanently attached to your keys, Leather Keychain ensures that finding your keys in a pinch is as simple as using the native Find My app on your iPhone

    • Horween leather from the USA
    • Thermoformed leather shape
    • Black PVD stainless steel keyring
  • Materials
    • Vegetable tanned Horween leather
    • Black PVD stainless steel keyring
  • Intended Use
    • Everyday carry
  • How do I insert my AirTag into Leather Keychain?
    The AirTag can be inserted diagonally through the side of the leather keychain and pushed down into the thermoformed pocket that fits around the AirTag. There are magnets inside the black area right above the leather thermoformed pocket that will snap the top of the keychain together so that the AirTag will remain secure inside the pocket.
  • How should I care for my leather?
    Watch our instructional video below on caring for your leather. We recommend using leather conditioner made by Ashland Leather Co.

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Keychain for AirTag

Insert your AirTag into Leather Keychain to easily find your keys. This compact attachment upgrades your everyday carry with an included black keyring to give you the option of attaching this to your existing keychain, or starting a new setup.

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Horween Leather

We source this leather from the renowned Horween Leather Co. of Chicago, one of America’s oldest tanneries. Over time, the raw, vegetable tanned leather will patina, developing a look that is exclusively yours. From day one to 100, your case will weather but not wear out, creating a handsome, rich character unique to you.