sustainabilityProudly Carbon Neutral since 2020.

Our Commitment to the


We've grown a lot since 2012, expanding our product range, internal team, and company goals. Along with all this growth, our impact on the places we love has grown too. That's why a big part of our mission going forward is to reduce our impact while leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

Climate Neutral

Since 2020, we have partnered with Climate Neutral to offset 100% of our carbon emissions. That includes emissions created from making and delivering our products, our supply chain, employee commuting, business travel, and utility bills. We are committed to reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint each year. Learn more about Climate Neutral Certified Standards here.

Climate Neutral

Mai Ndombe

To offset a portion of our carbon emissions, we’ve partnered with Everland Marketing to support their Mai Ndombe Project. The Mai Ndombe Project helps protect the world’s second-largest intact rainforest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since the launch of the project in 2011, logging in the area has halted and deforested areas have been regenerated through conservation efforts. The Mai Ndombe Project has reduced an average of over 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually thus far.

Blue Whales,

Blue Skies

We’re excited to be brand ambassadors for Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies (BWBS). BWBS incentivizes ship operators to reduce vessel speeds when transiting along the California coastline. Since its inception in 2014, BWBS’s mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, endangered whale strikes, and underwater noises from vessels. Read our full statement here.

Preventing Waste

Moving forward, we will not be including power adapters with most power products. We believe many people already own multiple power adapters and providing additional units would create unnecessary packaging and electronic waste.

Excluding adapters means we can make our packaging smaller and lighter. This allows us to ship products to their final destination more efficiently, lowering our carbon footprint.

Packaging Changes

We are committed to PrAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement with the goal of reducing and removing plastic and virgin forest fiber from our packaging materials and shipping supplies. We've since introduced changes in our packaging designs to make our packaging more easily recyclable by our customers and local recycling facilities.

Internal Efforts

To address the carbon emissions and waste we produce at our headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA, we’ve implemented the following strategies to reduce our carbon footprint and divert waste from our local landfill:

- Purchase renewable energy supplies to power our office

- Incentives for employees to walk, bike, or carpool to work

- Composting and recycling bins

- Quarterly team beach cleanups

- Refurbishing unused returns

- E-waste recycling of damaged returns

We Know

We Can Do Better

We're proud of how far we have come in reducing our environmental impact, but we know there is more to be done. We're always looking for better ways to create durable, premium products with minimal impact on the planet and we'd love your help! If you'd like to connect with us about sustainable material options or carbon offsetting please email