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Shell Cordovan Wallet

Limited Edition



Shell Cordovan Wallet is a limited edition, handmade wallet designed to celebrate American craftsmanship and leather tanning. Made from Horween’s famous Shell Cordovan leather, this wallet will age gracefully, developing a rich patina with use. Capable of holding at least 8 cards plus folded cash, Shell Cordovan wallet fits comfortably in front or back pockets.

    • Shell Cordovan Horween leather from the USA
    • Black Shell Cordovan
    • Unique variations in leather in each wallet
    • Develops a rugged patina
    • Handmade in Chicago, USA
    • Holds 8 cards comfortably
    • Fits folded bills in rear pockets
  • Also available in Color #8.


  • Materials
    • Horween Shell Cordovan leather
    • Horween Leather logo
  • Technical
    • Closed dimensions:
      • Width: 7.8cm
      • Length: 10.2cm
      • Thickness: 1.5cm
  • Intended Use
    • Designed as a timeless wallet for everyday carry.


  • How many cards can it hold?
    Shell Cordovan Wallet can comfortably hold 2 cards in each pocket, for a total capacity of 8 cards. It is possible to fit more cards in each pocket, but that will cause the pockets to stretch and loosen over time. The two rear pockets can also fit folded bills.
  • Is each Shell Cordovan Wallet unique?
    Horween Leather's Shell Cordovan is an extremely durable leather processed by hand in Chicago, USA. The natural dyeing and finishing process results in a beautiful leather with deep colors. Each wallet's color, and the Horween Leather stamps on the wallet's interior, will be unique to the piece of Shell Cordovan used.
  • Will the leather change over time?
    Shell Cordovan is an extremely resilient leather that develops a beautiful patina with time. If desired, the mirror-like luster can be brought back over and over with careful polishing. The extremely dense fiber structure of Shell Cordovan means it does not crease or crack like other leather.
  • What makes Shell Cordovan Special?
    This leather is produced by only a few tanneries in the world, following a process pioneered by Horween in 1905. Steeped in vegetable liquors then dyed, glazed and polished by hand, Shell Cordovan leather takes over six months to tan.

Extended holiday returns until January 24th.

American Craftsmanship

Each Shell Cordovan Wallet is handmade in a production run limited to 250 units per color. Starting with genuine Horween Shell Cordovan and finishing with construction at Ashland Leather Co., this wallet represents the finest in American leather craftsmanship.

Horween Leather

Horween’s Shell Cordovan is a unique leather prized by fine craftsmen for its deep, lustrous colors and unparalleled longevity. Shell Cordovan’s extremely dense fiber structure means the leather will not crease or crack with time, and its mirror-like finish can be restored over and over. Each piece of Shell Cordovan is dyed by hand, meaning each piece of each wallet has its own unique character.

The Essentials

Shell Cordovan wallet comfortably holds two cards in each lower pocket. Rear pockets also fit two cards each, or folded cash. Finished with color-matched stitching and hand-burnished edges for a subtle, timeless look.

A Timeless Wallet

All of our wallets are crafted with a fine attention to detail. We chose legendary Shell Cordovan leather for this limited edition wallet. The result is a wallet that will patina beautifully and last a lifetime.