Carbon Neutral Shipping | Our Commitment to the Environment

At Nomad, we are passionate about wild places, adventures, and unspoiled nature. We've grown a lot since our first Kickstarter in 2012, expanding our product range, our internal team, and our company goals. Along with all this company growth, our carbon footprint and impact on the places we love has grown too.
So we've decided that a big part of our mission going forward will be to reduce our impact while leading the way towards a more sustainable future. Nomad is going carbon neutral, and the first step on our sustainability roadmap is carbon neutral shipping.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Container Ships are an integral part of global trade. They are also responsible for around 2.5% of global emissions

When we first started asking big questions about how to reduce our environmental impact, it was clear that a lot of our CO2 output came from our shipping: whether it was getting orders to our customers or moving products from China to the USA on airplanes and boats.

According to the Guardian, the global maritime shipping industry accounts for nearly 2.5% of all global emissions. Airfreight is even less efficient and accounts for a much higher carbon footprint per product. So it came as no surprise that offsetting our shipping operations was one of the best ways to significantly lower our carbon footprint.

Both airlines and cargo ship fleets are exploring new technologies to help reduce and eliminate carbon emissions. In the meantime, we can't afford to wait for greener technology while going about business as usual, so we chose offsets as a viable way to seriously reduce our footprint.

Carbonfund & Nomad

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the largest carbon sinks in the world

Once we determined that offsetting our shipping emissions would help us significantly reduce our carbon footprint, we needed to find an impactful way to do so. Enter Carbonfund. Carbonfund is a non-profit that helps both individuals and businesses offset the emissions they can't reduce through reforestation and clean energy projects.

Through Carbonfund, we are supporting reforestation and conservation work like the Envira Amazonia Project. Envira Amazonia works to conserve and protect the Amazon Rainforest in Acre, Brazil by preventing deforestation, assisting with reforestation, and creating sustainable economic opportunities for locals.

Since our partnership began with Carbonfund in April 2019, we have been able to offset over 417 metric tons of CO2, which has completely offset the emissions generated by our shipping. From delivering packages to consumers to bringing products from China to the USA via ocean freight, we are now a completely carbon neutral shipper.

What's Next

A greener future never looked better

We are proud of our efforts to reduce our impact by making all of our shipping carbon neutral. But we aren't stopping there. We are working to reduce our impact in all aspects of our business, from production to office energy use. We are also evaluating more sustainable materials for our new products.

On top of our carbon neutral shipping, we've also launched our free cable for the planet initiative, giving the Nomad community the opportunity to get rad gear while helping to protect the environment. We've also launched smaller initiatives to incentivise our employees to reduce the impact of their daily commute. We provide a daily bonus of a $2 bill for any member of the team who commutes to work by biking, walking, skateboarding, carpooling or taking mass transit.

Nomad has always been about doing things differently, and we are excited to continue pursuing more and more green objectives as we go forward. Stay tuned to see what else we get up to as we work to implement solutions to the global climate crisis and safeguard our planet's future.

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