Nomad x The Verge – Introducing Blurple

| Words by Madeline Myers

We’ve been on a roll with product launches this summer, and today we’re excited to announce something we’re particularly excited about. Say hello to Blurple – a bold Limited Edition colorway, designed in collaboration with our friends at The Verge.

Nomad x The Verge

Teaming up with The Verge was a natural choice for us. Both of us share a strong passion for tech and design. Plus, they’ve extensively covered our product launches over the years, so they understand our approach and values. Working with them felt like catching up with an old friend.

Both Nomad and The Verge are driven by a shared love for innovative tech and design. We believe this Limited Edition colorway captures the bold yet refined spirit of both brands.

- Nick Walden, Creative Director

Why Blurple?

We spent months searching for the perfect purple and finally found it in The Verge’s signature Blurple. After brainstorming how to best incorporate the colorway into our product lineup, we decided to introduce a pure monochrome Blurple to our bestselling Sport Band.

Why Sport Band?

Choosing Sport Band to debut the new Blurple color was an easy decision – it’s a fan favorite among our customers and The Verge’s team. Made from ultra-durable FKM, Sport Band combines comfort with lasting durability. Full-length adjustment holes and ventilation channels keep it breathable, while its low-profile pin-and-tuck mechanism guarantees a secure fit.

Every Detail Matters

Our goal was to make Blurple Sport Band simultaneously bold and subtle. Its eye-catching single-color design and minimal branding strike the perfect balance of “pop” and “blend.” You’ll find a subtle “The Verge” engraving on the underside of the band’s aluminum pin, and a small “Nomad” stamp on the FKM near the closing mechanism’s loop.

Get Yours Now

Blurple is a Limited Edition colorway so once it’s gone, it’s really gone. Get yours while you can. 

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