Holiday Gift Guide

| Words by Bryson Smith | Photos by James Huston

Winter is in the air and the holidays are coming! We’ve put together an early bird holiday gift guide for those who want to get their holiday shopping out of the way so they can focus on all the good stuff during the holiday season, liking using your Nomad cables to decorate your Christmas tree. If you are looking for the easiest gift buying year ever, check out these recommendations from the team at the Nomadic. From the tech guru to the fitness fanatic in your circle, we’ve got gifts for everyone.

iPhone 12 Rugged Cases

iPhone case
Rugged Case | iPhone 12 Pro

This year new iPhones came out a little later than normal (then again what has been normal about 2020?) but they are here in time for the holidays. If someone that you are getting a gift for this year has already ordered a new phone, why not help them upgrade with one of our iPhone 12 Rugged Cases? These cases offer 10ft drop protection and are available in black, brown, and natural Horween leather. We have Rugged Cases for every new iPhone this year, from the 12 Mini to the 12 Pro Max. The Horween leather that we use to make our cases is designed to patina over time, creating a unique look for your phone. Order your case here.

Rugged Case for iPad Pro

Rugged Case | iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is more popular than ever, with many people even replacing their laptops with one. If you know someone who has all but forsaken their laptop in favor of an iPad Pro, then we recommend one of our Horween Leather Rugged Cases for iPad Pro. Rugged Case is built with a high-grade polycarbonate body bonded to a raised TPE bumper, ensuring that your iPad stays protected during daily use. Not only does Rugged Case give peace of mind for protecting your iPad, but it also gives your iPad a timeless look with its full Horween leather construction. Rugged Case is compatible with both Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, making it ideal for those using their iPad Pro as a replacement for a laptop.

If whoever you are shopping for uses their iPad Pro as a supplemental tool rather than a laptop replacement, we recommend our Rugged Folio case. Rugged Folio can be used to prop up an iPad Pro, perfect for taking notes or sketching with Apple Pencil. If you use your iPad Pro as a second monitor for a MacBook, Rugged Folio is great as a monitor stand.

If you are shopping for someone with an iPad Pro but are looking for a more budget-friendly gift, then we recommend our 3m USB C to C cable. With 3 meters or 10 feet of range, you can charge your iPad Pro from almost anywhere.

Base Station Stand

wireless charger
Base Station Stand

We won’t pretend that enough ink hasn’t been spilled about working from home this year….We’ve all been working from home or know someone who has for months now. However, that doesn’t mean there aren't still great work from home upgrades out there. Our go-to pick for your friend or family member who could still use a little help on dialing their WFH setup is our Base Station Stand. Base Station Stand is the perfect complement for anyone’s desk setup. Its small footprint will work with any setup and its vertical position makes it easy to keep an eye on your notifications while working. Base Station Stand allows you to place your phone in both a horizontal and vertical configuration, so if you plan on taking a quick Netflix break at your desk, you can use your phone to stream away (we won't tell). Base Station Stand also offers convenient charging for your AirPods, so you can keep all your devices powered without cluttering your desk. Get yours here.

Active Strap Pro

Active Strap Pro

Shopping for a swimmer, runner, biker, or anyone who likes to get outside (and sweaty)? We have the perfect item: Active Strap Pro. Our Active Straps are built with waterproof leather from the Heinen Tannery. This unique leather is naturally hydrophobic because Heinen uses a tanning process that preserves the lipids found in cattle hides, ensuring that your strap stays waterproof and easy to clean. Active Strap Pro uses FKM rubber on the inside, giving you all-day comfort. Available in black and brown leather, and 40mm / 44mm sizes, there is an Active Strap for everyone.

USB-C to Lightning Cable

While wireless chargers capture a lot of our attention when it comes to charging these days, there still is nothing faster than a USB-C to Lightning cable when it comes to charging your iPhone. USB-C to Lightning cables, when combined with an appropriate power brick, are able to quickly charge your iPhone from zero to 50% in just half an hour. For an in-depth explanation of quick charge and the USB-C standard, check out our guide to USB-C here. If you are shopping for someone who is always on the go and their phone's battery just can’t keep up, a USB-C to Lightning cable is a great choice. Available in both 3m and1.5m lengths, our USB-C to Lightning Cables are backed by a 5-year warranty, so your gift is guaranteed to keep on giving.

We hope this gift guide helps take the stress out of getting your holiday shopping done. If you were just shopping for yourself, don't worry: no one will know.

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