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| Words by Bryson Smith

When we first made the decision to start manufacturing face masks and other medical supplies in response to COVID-19, our number one priority was getting supplies to as many people as possible, for the best price possible. Since then, we've run our medical supplies initiative as a zero profit operation, covering our costs while getting as many supplies as possible to those in need. To get the best prices that we could, we leveraged our relationships with our long term partners for some of the best deals on medical supplies currently available. We have utilized our robust eCommerce supply chain to get supplies to people all over the country, as quickly as possible. Learn more about Nomad's response to COVID-19 here.

Our zero profit approach to medical supplies has allowed us to offer many different medical supplies at low prices, especially for specific products. When it comes to KN95 face masks, we have the lowest price in the United States that we know of. Other major retailers, like Home Depot, Office Max, and Staples, are selling them for anywhere between $1.95 to $3.50 per mask. If you are unfamiliar with KN95 masks, they are similar to N95 masks in construction and fit. However, the KN95 standard is not typically used in the United States; it is mostly used in China. The CDC has recommended preserving N95 masks supply for healthcare professionals, making the KN95 an excellent choice for civilians looking for the best protection possible short of an N95. For an in-depth comparison of KN95 vs. N95 masks, check out this article from Rolling Stone. We put together a comparison with some other nationally recognized retailers to back it up. Check it out below.

Price Comparisons | KN95 Masks

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Price Match Guarantee

While we are confident that we have the lowest price available on KN95 face masks, we are willing to match lower prices on any comparable KN95 mask sold by a nationally recognized retailer, like Walmart, Home Depot, or CVS. We are extending this price match to all of our medical supplies, including hand sanitizer, gloves, and cleaners. If you find a lower price than you think is eligible for a price match, please send an email with the product link to, and we will honor that lower price, as long as it is for the same product. For example, we won't price match our spray hand sanitizer to a gel sanitizer, and we won't price match a KN95 mask to a cotton mask.

We hope that our PPE offerings will help you and your family get back to normal life as much as possible right now, all while staying safe. Together we can prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and protect each other.

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