Should You Make the Leap to MagSafe or Stay Put?

| Words by Nick Walden

Hey there! We're about to dive into the debate on whether to upgrade to MagSafe charging for your iPhone or stick to cables and Qi wireless charging. Let’s jump right in and meet the contenders.

MagSafe: The Modern Marvel

MagSafe is Apple's innovative magnetic wireless charging system that uses magnets to perfectly align your iPhone with the charger, ensuring optimal charging efficiency. With a power output of up to 15W, MagSafe offers the fastest possible charging speeds.

Cable Charging: The Trusty Classic

Cable charging is your reliable old friend. You plug one end into your iPhone and the other into a USB power adapter, and voila – you're juiced up and ready to go. It's dependable and straightforward, but it also comes with inevitable tangles and wear and tear.

Standard Qi Wireless Charging: The Finicky, Yet Familiar Friend

Qi wireless charging is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it the versatile charger that aims to please everyone. Just place your phone on the charging pad, and it'll charge at up to 7.5W. Though slower than MagSafe, it still gets the job done, usually. The main drawback is finding the perfect spot on the charging pad, which can oftentimes be a bit finicky.

Now that you've met the contenders, let's discuss which one is the best fit for your charging needs.

Are you all about speed? If you can't stand waiting for your phone to charge, MagSafe's 15W power output might be your new favorite companion.

Seeking durability? If you've had your fair share of frayed cables or misplaced chargers, MagSafe's magnetic attachment could be the answer to your charging woes.

Do you crave convenience? If the struggle of aligning your phone on a standard Qi wireless charger bothers you, MagSafe's magnetic feature can be a game-changer.

Is budget a concern? If you're watching your expenses or already own a collection of cables and Qi wireless chargers, upgrading to MagSafe might not be the best investment. However, if you're open to splurging a little, MagSafe's convenience and speed could be worth it.

As you consider your options, keep these factors in mind:

Workspace Setup

If your desk is cluttered, a MagSafe charger could help keep things organized. Plus, it's great for grab-and-go charging.

Tech-savvy Household

If you live with others who use different devices, sticking with standard Qi wireless chargers might be more practical as they're compatible with a variety of smartphones and accessories.


If you appreciate style and design, MagSafe chargers come in various options to suit your preferences.

Ultimately, your choice depends on your priorities – speed, durability, convenience, or budget. Whatever you decide, remember that you're equipped with the knowledge to make the best decision for your needs.

Happy charging!