Locos Ciclos | Meet the Crew

| Words by Bryson Smith | Photos by Byron Roos Collns, Daniel Connell & Quincy Lee

The change of the seasons has always ruled human life. The days grow longer and then shorten, our lives marked by the earth’s rotation and our journey around the sun. In the past, the whole of humanity lived on this seasonal calendar. Now we are no longer bound to the traditional seasonality dictated by the demands of hunting, pastoralism and agriculture. However, just as our ancestors experienced the busyness of harvest followed by a relative lull in labor, we too at Nomad follow the ebb and flow of our calendar—working hard so that we can play when everything slows d own.

Home Among the Elephants in Botswana
Blasting Off in Front of the Great Pryamids

The Nomad team operates based on seasonality, not seasons. We adapt to meet our customers’ needs, the demands of the holiday season and the different Apple launch events that mark our calendars. During our busiest times, “seasonal Nomads” lend a helping hand—and once things slow down again at Nomad HQ, they head out and pursue adventures; whether its whitewater guiding on the Kern River or exploring remote corners of the globe.

Meet the Locos Ciclos

Today, we’re sharing the story of the Locos Ciclos. Byron Roos-Collins, Daniel Connell, and Quincy Lee are proud seasonal Nomads, cyclists, and adventurers currently biking from Cairo to Cape Town. They aren’t just doing it for fun—along the way, they’ve been raising funds for the World Bicycle Relief to help bring bikes and mobility to impoverished communities around the globe. They’ll be back stateside in May, with a stop planned in Santa Barbara to give us a full report of their trip. Until then, get to know the crew and check out some highlights from their ride so far.

Daniel Connell, 23

Daniel is motivated by the challenge, freedom, and simplicity that touring the world on a bicycle can provide. When he isn't working at the Nomad Warehouse, his passion for new languages and desire to connect with other cultures leads him to explore lands far beyond Santa Barbara. A degree from UC Santa Barbara in Financial Mathematics and Statistics comes in handy as he calculates the trajectory of the rushing river while guiding customers down adrenaline-pumping rapids on the Kern River in California; during his summers there as a rafting guide.

Daniel's Trip Highlight

"As we prepared to leave Egypt, the feeling of welcome that Imam bestowed on us didn't subside. His kindness lifted our desperate feelings at the time, and shifted our perception of the city. Wherever you are today, take a moment, and find a way to share some of your warmth with someone like Imam did with us."

- Daniel Connel on the kind welcome that a local food vendor gave the boys on their arrival in Egypt. Read the whole story here.

Quincy Lee, 24

Quincy likes to joke that he's part-fish. He has an affinity for the ocean that has guided him around the world. He spends summers as a lifeguard for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, and hunts down adventure the rest of the year. Whether he's trekking through the Amazon Rainforest, Rocky Mountains or the Sahara Desert, Quincy manages to find excitement on each corner of the globe.

Quincy's Trip Highlight

"Africa is a great place for bicycles. Development is tricky in these rural, agrarian towns, and a bicycle can go a long way. It thrills me to know that thanks to the support of everyone back home, we've raised over $10,000, or 70 bicycles, through World Bicycle Relief!"

- Quincy Lee on the impact that bicycles have on daily life in Africa, read his full reflections here.

Byron Roos-Collins, 23

Byron grew up exploring the hills of Berkeley, California, before attending UCSB. He has worked in the outdoors industry for six years, sea kayak guiding on the Channel Islands, directing a college outdoor excursion club in Santa Barbara, and guiding rafting trips on the Kern River. A seeker of all things adventure, Byron is excited to explore every opportunity for fun throughout the ride!

Byron's Trip Highlight

"The 5,000 kilometers from Cairo to Nanyuki, Kenya has brought the Locos Ciclos’ bicycles exactly to the equator. Each day brought a new road, and the chance to be moving across the surface of the Earth. Halfway from 30 degrees north in Egypt and 30 degrees south in South Africa, this line in the sand is a definitive crossing."

-Byron on crossing the equator and the New Year. Check out his reflections from the middle of our planet here.

Byron, Daniel, and Quincy | Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The Locos Ciclos are almost at the end of their journey. As of today, they have about 20 days or so of riding left. If you’ve enjoyed reading about their journey here, be sure to head over to their blog to see more photos and learn about their adventure. And if you want to see where they are now, check out their beacon locator!

Lightning Strikes in Zambia
Whitewater Action on the Zambezi

Part of Nomad's unofficial mission is to seek adventure while making the world a better place, whether it’s making our packaging 100% recyclable, offsetting carbon generated by our business, or supporting the Locos Ciclos in their dream to explore the world while helping impoverished communities. If you’d like to join Nomad in supporting the World Bicycle Relief through the Ciclos’ ride, please check out this link. Any donation amount is much appreciated and will help change lives in our global community.

Visitng With Some of the World Bicycle Relief Crew
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