Introducing: Our Strongest Cables Yet

| Words by Bryson Smith | Photos By Nick Walden

At Nomad, we are always trying to outdo our latest designs, build better products, and to innovate. Our product vision is driven by the pursuit of the best possible materials; we never sacrifice high-quality materials in order to cut cost.

Ever since we began building cables, we have been constantly reworking our designs as part of our ongoing quest to build the most durable cables available. We’ve learned quite a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to cables. More importantly, we have received incredible feedback from the Nomad community about what matters most in terms of reliability and function. Every warranty claim and piece of feedback we've received has been cataloged, digested and utilized for our next generation of products. Every time we have not met our own standards we’ve made good and replaced broken cables for our community. A five-year warranty backs all our cables because we stand by our designs.

We've been working on our new cable lineup for over 18 months: our most rugged lineup yet. We’ve collaborated with DuPont to incorporate Kevlar® K29 into both the outer braid and inner core of our cables. Kevlar® has high tensile strength, heat resistance, and all around toughness which makes it the premier choice for any application that demands rugged strength and durability, whether it be body armor, aerospace components, or charging cables.

Charge Anything (Ok Not Your Film Camera)

In addition to added strength that Kevlar® provides, we’ve completely redesigned the overmold that connects the charging tips to the cable, ensuring our strongest tip to cable connection yet. Finally, we’ve also reinforced the Lightning, USB-C, USB-A, and Micro-USB connectors found on our cables, adding to each cable’s overall durability.

A Look Inside

When we set out to build the best Nomad cables ever, it was clear that Kevlar® K29 was the right material to ensure cables that would outlast and continue to perform no matter what. The result is a Nomad cable lineup that is stronger than ever. The new lineup includes 11 different cables and we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites here.

1.5m USB-C to Lightning

Finally, a USB-C to Lightning cable from Nomad. Our first offering in the USB-C to Lightning category, this cable comes with the dual braid built with Kevlar® K29 that defines our new lineup of cables.

This is our strongest Lighting cable yet. On top of that, the USB-C to Lightning connection allows for fast charging when combined with a USB-C charging brick such as this one made by Apple. An 18W brick like this allows your iPhone to fast charge; meaning that any iPhone from the iPhone 8 onwards can charge 50% of its battery in half an hour. The 18W Fast Charge with a USB-C to Lightning Cable is the fastest way to charge your phone—so you can power up quickly, whether you are on the go or at home.

The USB-C to Lightning cables will be available in both a 1.5m and 3m lengths, giving you the freedom to charge no matter how far you are from an outlet.

USB 100W 3m

Looking for the best cable to charge your MacBook Pro? Look no further. Our new 100W USB-C Cable is perfect for keeping your MacBook Pro powered without limiting where you can work. At up to ten feet long, our newest cable allows you to charge from those hard to reach places; like the top of your standing desk and the last spot on the couch in the coffee shop. The dual braid built with Kevlar® K29 that defines our new cable lineup is featured here as well, helping to ensure that this cable will stand up to the demands of everyday use.

Universal 0.3m built with Kevlar®

When we first launched our lineup of Universal Cables, we were on a mission to build the ultimate minimalist cable, or as we like to call it, the “one cable to rule them all”. Our Universal line gives you USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB-tips all united by a USB-A tip, providing versatile charging options no matter what devices you have. However, after designing our first generation Universal Cables, it became apparent that we would have to redesign the connectors between the Micro-USB and Lightning & USB-C tip. We’ve worked hard to improve the connectors with new metal tips and a stronger overmold, both of which increase the flex resistance of these connectors. Our second generation offering of the Universal Cable Lineup is redesigned to be stronger than ever. We are offering our USB-A Universal Cables in both 0.3m and 1.5m lengths. The 0.3m Universal is the perfect cable for travel as it is very compact, packable, and allows you to charge a whole range of devices.

We hope that our new cable lineup will stand up to whatever abuse you throw at it. So get out there and send us pictures of your gear in the wild. If your new cables don’t stand up to the demands of everyday life and everything else you throw at them then let us know! Our 5-year guarantee is nearly unmatched for cables, so you can be sure that your Nomad gear will keep you powered!

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