Active Leather Strap | Heinen Leather

| Words by Bryson Smith | Photos by Sean Collier

When we first began our partnership with the Heinen Tannery, we were chasing after a leather that could stand up to the harshest conditions, while staying true to what we believe is best about leather: namely, that it is a raw, organic material. Many types of leather nowadays are treated with harmful synthetics or polyurethanes. Not only do these treatments harm the environment, but they also rob leather of its rich, natural properties that make it a great material.

Heinen Leather was the perfect fit in our quest for a durable leather that upholds all these qualities. Our first products featuring Heinen leather launched earlier this year, our Active Rugged Cases. These cases are built with Heinen's signature hydrophobic leather, ensuring maximum water resistance. Heinen achieves this through their unique tanning process, which preserves naturally occurring lipids in the hide to repel water. There is no surface coating or wax treatment that will wear out over time on Heinen leather. Instead, water, sweat, and grime are repelled and wipe off without soaking in.

Active Strap by Nomad
Stands up to Saltwater

We've now taken the same great leather used for our Active case series and created an entirely hydrophobic, adventure-ready, leather Apple Watch strap. The result: an Apple Watch strap that is just as comfortable during a workout as it is hitting the town later that night. Heinen leather gives your Apple Watch a timeless look while protecting it from sweat and water. Part of the fun of an Apple Watch is switching out different bands and straps depending on what you are doing. However, our Active Straps function as both a stylish leather band and a legitimate sport strap, giving you two essential pieces of gear in one item.

Active Strap & Apple Watch

Each iteration of Apple Watch since it first launched in 2015 has offered more and more features that a traditional outdoors watch would have, like the introduction of a barometer with the Series 4. Apple Watch has a whole host of native features that are great for exercise, like the Workout app. Apple Watch is also great as a surf watch, especially with apps like Surfline Sessions, which allows you to record your surf sessions at spots with Surfline cameras. With more and more fitness and outdoors focused apps being released on the app store every day, the possibilities for using your Apple Watch to explore and train are endless.

Our Active Straps were designed for the gym, the water, the trail: any activity that gets you moving. Take your Active Strap snowboarding, skiing, trail running, on a Spartan Race, freediving, or surfing.

Don't be afraid to get your Active Strap wet!

We are offering the Active Strap in both our Black and Mocha Heinen Leather, with silver and black hardware for both color straps. Active Strap is currently available for both 42mm and 44mm Apple Watches. Let us know what adventures you take your Apple Watch on by dropping a line to!

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