The Gifts You Actually Want

| Words by Bryson Smith

The holiday season has passed us by, and 2020 is rapidly coming to an end. This year hasn't exactly gone the way anyone planned, with the unexpected becoming normal. However, some things never change. Even though you told your great aunt you really didn't want anything for Christmas this year, she still gave you a kitchen spatula with six different attachments for unknown purposes.

We want to share a sure thing with the Nomad community and give you a chance to get the gift you really wanted, without breaking the bank. That's why we've teamed up with some of our favorite brands to put together a collaborative sale, giving you access to the items you want. On top of this, we are offering 20% off our entire site with code: MYGIFT at checkout! Read on for our top picks from our partner brands.

Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop is a San Francisco based brand that is committed to building high-quality gear that lasts through the rigors of daily life and adventure. From waterproof bags and backpacks to technical apparel, Mission Workshop has everything you need to get outfitted. Our favorite product from Mission right now is the Rhake. The Rhake is a weatherproof laptop bag that can carry far more than your laptop. Whether strapped on a motorcycle or on your back while trekking, the Rhake is built for the long haul. Get yours here, and don't forget to save by entering MYGIFT at checkout!


If you were lucky enough to be gifted an iPad or iPad Pro this year, you might be in search of some upgrades for your new device. One of our favorite additions for the iPad Pro is a Paperlike screen protector. Paperlike screen protectors turn your iPad into a gorgeous surface for writing, drawing, and design work. Paperlike transforms the writing and drawing experience with Apple Pencil, making it feel like writing on actual paper instead of scratching rubber across glass. Not only does Paperlike make writing and drawing on your iPad much more enjoyable, it also minimizes glare and light diffusion, making it easier to look at your screen for long periods. Get yours here!

Stigma Hemp

Stigma Hemp is a Minneapolis based CBD company that makes great products for mental wellbeing and physical self-care. We are big fans of their products for relaxation and healing, from their CBD capsules to their tinctures. Our favorite Stigma product right now is their Lavender CBD Rub. Perfect for sore joints and aches or recovering from hard workouts, this rub is easily absorbed into your skin, providing fast-acting and steady relief. Get yours for 30% off with MYGIFT with code MYGIFT at checkout! You can also get a monthly subscription set up and save.

James Brand

Here at Nomad, we are big fans of intentionally designed and minimalist everyday gear. No brand seems to embody this product ethos more than the James Brand. Quality manufacturers of knives and tools since 2012, James Brand has a tool for every scenario. While we are big fans of their pocket focused gear, our current favorite knife is the Hell Gap. The Hell Gap is the knife you want stashed in your truck, van, boat, or grab bag. It can be used for cooking, carving, digging, and many other applications. With a USA-made Crucible s35vn stainless steel and a Micarta scale for the handle, the Hell Gap is built to last. Get yours here.


If you are looking to upgrade your camp gear and go from surviving to thriving while in the great outdoors, Poler is the place to shop. Poler has the equipment you need to upgrade your camp vibes, from comfy blankets to quality tents. Our top pick from Poler is their Reversible Camp Poncho. Anything that can keep you this cozy while on the move is a must-have in our book. The large kangaroo pocket on the front is great for keeping some extra beverages on deck when relaxing. Not only is the Camp Poncho great for camping and the outdoors, it's pretty awesome for staying cozy on the couch. Pro tip from the Nomad team: take advantage of the reversible nature of Poler's Camp Poncho and reserve one side for at home and the other for the outdoors. After all, you want to keep your inside clothes looking nice for Zoom calls these days. Get your Camp Poncho now and check out the rest of Poler's Holiday sale.

Vincero Watches

When it comes to grabbing a new watch, you want a timepiece that will last and look good without breaking the bank. Vincero Watches is our choice for stylish watches that also work well. Our favorite collection from Vincero is the Chrono S. Taking its style cues from classic pilot watches, the Chrono S can be dressed up or down depending on the situation and is perfect for everyday wear. The Chrono S collection has a wide range of color choices and band styles, ensuring that there is something that will fit your personal look. Get yours here while it's still 15% off!


Legendary bike brand LeMond got its start in 1986 when Greg LeMond set out to build a cutting edge carbon fiber road bike capable of winning the Tour de France. LeMond has been reimagined for 2020, combining all-new carbon fiber technology with the decades of experience and know-how of Greg LeMond. While LeMond has plans to release road, gravel, and mountain bikes in the future, the first new LeMond bikes to be released are ebikes, the Dutch, and the Prolog. The Prolog is a high performance and ultralight ebike, capable of high-speed riding. At just 26 pounds, the Prolog is designed for lightweight performance. The Dutch is a classically styled city bike complete with a cargo rack. However, its carbon fiber construction helps keep the weight down substantially, making it far more responsive and enjoyable to ride than your standard commuter ebike. The Prolog begins shipping in February 2021 and the Dutch in March of 2021. Get free shipping with the code: gregpaysshipping at checkout.


At Nomad, we like simple things, like a great pair of pants equally at home in the office or on an adventure. The Flex Canvas Pant, from Livsn, certainly checks those boxes. The Flex Canvas Pant is made for the minimalist, combining technical features like zippered security pockets and a gusseted crotch with the styling of a tailored pant. While there are numerous options in the minimalist pant category, what sets Livsn apart from the rest is their use of sustainable materials. Made with their custom EcoFlex duck canvas, the Flex Canvas isn't just durable; it is environmentally friendly too. Get free shipping when you order yours with the code MYGIFT at checkout!


While our entire site is 20% off with the code MYGIFT right now, we want to call special attention to our favorite new piece of Nomad gear: MacBook Pro Sleeve. Built with Horween Leather, our clamshell case for MacBook Pro is available in both 13in and 16in sizes. When things open back up, you can head to work in style with this sleeve as part of your daily kit. Get yours for 20% off with MYGIFT at checkout!

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