Exploring Qi2: What It Is and Why You Should Care

| Words by Madeline Myers

There’s a lot of buzz going around about Qi2 (​​pronounced chee two) but what does it actually do? And where’d it come from? We wanted to take a moment to explore the backstory behind this new technology as well as some of its benefits compared to MagSafe and its direct predecessor, standard Qi.

In a Nutshell

Qi2 uses magnets to align the charging coils in your devices with those in wireless chargers, ensuring an effortless connection with a broader range of devices and enhancing overall charging performance. Ringing a bell? It should! Qi2 is similar to MagSafe in many ways (but more on that later).

Where'd It Come From?

In January of 2023, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) took center stage at CES to unveil Qi2. The WPC collaborated closely with Apple engineers to seamlessly incorporate MagSafe technology into Qi2, ensuring it delivers the same efficiency and convenience we've come to expect from MagSafe.

Benefits of Qi2

Super Speedy. Qi2 offers up to 15W, a significant jump from its standard Qi predecessor, which offered anywhere from 5W to 15W. It uses magnets to ensure perfect alignment, further optimizing efficiency by minimizing heat generation. 

Adaptive Charging. Qi2 intelligently identifies a device's power profile and adapts power output accordingly, guaranteeing a balance between device safety and optimal charging efficiency.

Universally Compatible. Qi2 is currently compatible with select iPhones and other MagSafe compatible devices, but will likely be adopted by Android and other manufacturers in the near future. Qi2 also has the potential to enhance the speed and affordability of third-party chargers.

A Greener Tech. Unlike traditional charging cables that inevitably wear out and end up in landfills, wireless Qi2 chargers eliminate mechanical stress, promoting sustainability by reducing waste.

Qi2 v. MagSafe

While both MagSafe and Qi2 utilize magnets for effortless, power-efficient wireless charging, Qi2 distinguishes itself as an industry standard open to more device manufacturers. While MagSafe is exclusively available for Apple devices, Qi2 offers broader accessibility across different smartphone brands (think Android, Samsung, and more).

And although both Qi2 and MagSafe currently provide 15W charging capabilities, the WPC has hinted at even higher wattage and faster charging for Qi2 in the future. Will Qi2 beat out MagSafe? It’s a little too early to say but we’re keeping a close eye on the race. 

Keep an eye out for the official Qi2 logo on chargers

Qi2 at Nomad

Earlier today, our Product Team unveiled Stand, our very first Qi2 charger.

Stand offers up to 15W for Qi2 enabled devices, including iPhone 13, 14, and 15 devices with the latest software (iOS 17.2 as of this article’s publication). Its weighted metal and glass body comes in at over 1 pound (613g) so it stays anchored to your surface when you’re ready to grab your device and go. Plus, its elevated charging puck allows you to wrap your fingers around your device for effortless one-handed pickup.

Stand's matte metal body is paired with a shiny glass panel

Stand will be available for purchase in the coming weeks. If you’re liking what you’re seeing, there’s much more where that came from. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for the latest news on all things wireless charging.