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Everyday Tools of the Nomad

Nomad’s mission is to provide gear for the tools we use in our daily lives and while we are pursuing our passions. Whether that be photography, mountain biking, traveling, camping, or whatever it is that drives you, we build tools with you, the modern Nomad in mind. This year, we are celebrating Cyber Week & Black Friday with handpicked collections that represent the tools of some of the Nomads that inspire us. From the creative professional to the van lifer making it happen on the go, we’ve got a new collection of gear, inspired by a different Nomad, every other day. For 48 hours only, you will be able to shop each collection at 40% off. Be sure to tune in every other day for new collections and check out the schedule below! If nothing in each collection grabs your attention, don’t worry our entire site is 30% off starting November 20th through December 1st!

30% Off Our Favorites

The Creative

The Creative | November 23rd - 24th

The Creative is an artist, a writer, a designer, a photographer: anyone who spends their days imagining and dreaming. This collection was hand-selected by the Nomad team and renowned photographer Morgan Maassen. You can shop The Creative from November 23rd to the 24th at 40% off. Stay tuned to see what Nomad gear makes up this collection.

The Vanlifer

The Vanlifer | November 25th - 26th

The Vanlifer’s home is where she parks it. Living life on the road, exploring, and going wherever the road takes you is the essence of The Vanlifer. Our team chose the products in this collection based on personal experience living out of vehicles and as digital Nomads on the road. Shop The Vanlifer collection from November 25th to the 26th at 40% off.

The Voyager

The Voyager | November 27th - 28th

The Voyager lives life on the go, setting sail and traveling far off the beaten path. Nomad’s hometown of Santa Barbara is home to the iconic Channel Islands National Park, a place best explored by boat. We picked the items for The Voyager with exploring hard to reach places, like the islands, in mind. The Voyager Collection is available at 40% off from November 27th to the 28th.

The Athlete

The Athlete | November 29th - 30th

The Athlete is first on the trail in the morning and last to head home in the evening. From running, biking, swimming, to surfing this collection was designed for those who stay on the move no matter what. Whether you ride hard on your local trail or get it after in the gym each morning, there is gear for you with The Athlete. The Athlete collection is available at 40% off from November 29th to the 30th.

Be sure to check in and see what products are available at 40% off every day next week and let us know how you use your tools to live the Nomad life!

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