Nomad x Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies

| Words by Madeline Myers

Nomad has been a proud Brand Ambassador for Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies (BWBS) since early 2021. This week, we had the chance to sit down with Ambassador Coordinator Amber McEldowney to delve into our partnership with BWBS and discuss the organization’s mission and objectives going into 2024.

What is BWBS?

Since it was founded in 2014, BWBS has been on a mission to champion sustainable shipping practices along the California coastline. The organization encourages ship operators to voluntarily reduce vessel speeds along the coast. In doing so, BWBS helps cut back on underwater noise, the risk of ship strikes to endangered whales, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution.

BWBS is a collaborative initiative that ropes in the Air Pollution Control Districts of Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, the Monterey Bay and the Bay Area, as well as national marine sanctuaries and other environmental organizations. It’s a collective effort toward a cleaner, safer maritime environment and everyone’s contribution matters.

The Ambassador Program

BWBS collaborates with a range of organizations, from local businesses to national corporations. They typically work with consumer goods companies that transport their products on ships enrolled in the BWBS program. 

“Brands have a critical role to play in vessel speed reduction programs by sending a signal to ship operators about the importance of sustainable shipping practices,” said Robert Mazurek of the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation, one of the administrative partners of the Blue Whales Blue Skies program. “The BWBS program believes companies and consumers should know if their goods are carried by ships that are operating sustainably to protect the environment.”

The BWBS Ambassador Program isn’t just for retailers like Nomad. Ports, freight forwarders, and logistics companies are all encouraged to join the program. Learn more.

Nomad's Commitment

Headquartered just a mile from the beach in Santa Barbara, Nomad is connected to the coast both as a company and as a team of ocean-loving individuals. Recognizing the impact of shipping on the Santa Barbara Channel, we selectively work with shipping companies that have committed to the BWBS program.

Our hope is that this regional initiative will develop at a global scale. We strongly encourage other companies that ship to and along the California coast to become ambassadors, raise awareness, and encourage their freight companies to participate in the program.

- Scott Beatty, Nomad Procurement Manager

Full Steam Ahead

Looking ahead, BWBS aims to enroll more shipping companies in vessel speed reduction and expand its influence to the northwest and eastern seaboards. The program envisions a future where the intersection of whales, people, and commerce is harmonious and sustainable.

Join the Cause

Looking to join the cause? As a consumer, there are so many things you can do to make change. We worked with Amber to compile a quick list. While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope it serves as a meaningful starting point.

Nomads Brian and Tanner helping pick up trash at our last beach cleanup

It Doesn't Stop Here

With the help of BWBS, we’ve made great strides towards achieving our environmental goals. That said, we know there’s more to be done. We're always looking for better ways to create durable, premium products with minimal impact on the environment and we'd love your help! Feel free to connect with us at

Curious about BWBS? Reach out to Amber at for additional details about the program or to enroll your company as a BWBS Ambassador.