Base Station Pro

| Words by Bryson Smith | Photos by James Huston

When we first started developing our positionless wireless charger, Base Station Pro over a year ago, we knew it would be a challenging task. One that would require more engineering, design work, and product testing than any other product that we've made. On the surface, positionless wireless charging seems like a simple solution to a persistent problem with wireless chargers:

Make a wireless charger that doesn't have finicky hot spots or position issues. Make it so you can set your devices anywhere on the surface, and they start charging.

All sounds easy enough, right? Well, we aren't going to lie, it wasn't easy: but we did it. Perhaps the best analogy for the complexity of Base Station Pro is the device itself: on the surface, it is a thin, seamless piece of aluminum, with a padded leather surface. It has an ultra-slim profile and blends into its surroundings. Yet underneath the hood is the most technically complex product we've ever built. Learn more about how we did it below.

How it Works

Traditional wireless chargers have 1 coil that delivers power to your phone, as long as your phone is lined up perfectly on it. With Base Station Pro, we built a matrix of 18 interconnected coils that work in conjunction to provide power to your devices. Base Station Pro uses FreePower® technology, developed by Aira, to distribute power wherever you place your device. FreePower®'s proprietary algorithms find your devices on Base Station Pro's surface through a series of "pings". Once it finds your device, Base Station Pro creates a series of virtual coils that deliver power to your phone or other wireless devices, no matter where they are on the charger.

The free position charging of Base Station Pro doesn't hamper its charging speed, as it still provides 7.5W of power to your devices. This is the same standard power rate that your iPhone and AirPods would use on a typical charger. Base Station Pro is powered by a 30W USB-C charger that can also charge your MacBook Pro or other USB-C device. This eliminates the need for two seperate chargers in your travel carry kit. Conversely the standard charger included with a MacBook Pro can power Base Station Pro, further simplifying your kit.

Charge 3 devices at once | Anywhere You Place it

Base Station Pro | Better With Time

One of the coolest features of Base Station Pro is that, just like our Horween leather cases, it will get better with age. That is because we will be releasing periodic firmware updates for it.

Since Base Station Pro is the first of its kind, we have tested many different versions of our firmware out before arriving at the iteration that we are launching with. We think we've solved all the major problems with positionless wireless charging, and made the most seamless charger ever. However, we aren't done improving. Base Station Pro will continue to improve, as we continue to improve its firmware. The exciting thing about this is that once you receive your Base Station Pro, you will be able to upgrade it as we do. Nomad will release patches and updates to Base Station Pro, ensuring that your device is top of the line in performance for years to come. We will also be listening extensively to the Nomad community, and incorporating your feedback into each successive version of Base Station Pro's firmware. And when it comes time to update to the latest version, you will be able to do it from your Mac or PC at home.

Base Station Pro | Upgrade your workplace

The Nomad team has put in a ton of work to make Base Station Pro the best it can be. Thousands of hours of testing, updates, redesigns and backend work have brought us to our biggest launch ever. We can't wait for the Nomad community to start receiving it, using it and loving it.

While we've worked really hard on Base Station Pro and while we think it is the best wireless charger out there, it is missing one thing: an Apple Watch charging solution. Rest assured, our team is hard at work on creating a solution that will integrate Apple Watch charging into Base Station Pro.

Base Station Pro is here, along with the future of wireless charging. Get yours now. Once you get your Base Station Pro, be sure to post a picture on Instagram and tag us @Nomad for a chance to be featured!

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