A Guide to Apple Watch | Part 1

| Lug, Strap and Case Sizing

So you’ve bought your first Apple Watch, congrats! The Apple Watch comes packed full of features—from generating electrocardiograms, cellular connectivity, and workout support. You can also trick out your Apple Watch with a whole set of custom faces. For a list of all the amazing things your Series 4 Apple Watch can do, check out this write up from Wareable.

Apple Watch customization doesn’t stop with apps and UI. There are a whole host of other ways to make your Apple Watch unique to you. One of the best ways to personalize is the strap, but with a myriad of choices available from Apple and thousands of aftermarket straps it can be hard to choose a strap that fits your style. On top of that, there is the confusing sizing. Sometimes it's hard to know if a particular strap even fits your specific Apple Watch! Read on for more info on how to select the best strap for your lifestyle and for how to ensure that it will fit your Apple Watch.

One of the most common questions our customer support team receives is regarding the size of a particular Apple Watch strap and how that relates to the size of the strap. Apple makes the Series 4 Apple Watch in two case sizes, 40mm and 44mm. Apple used to size the watch at 38mm and 42mm, further adding to the confusion. Most companies, including Nomad, size straps and bands to the case size. So a 44mm strap will fit a 44mm Apple Watch.

Another question we field all the time is whether the 38mm/40mm or 42/44mm size refers to the width of the watch band or to the size of the user’s wrist. While these are common misconceptions, the 40/44mm size simply refers to the size of the lug that connects your band to your Apple Watch case. The width and length of your strap vary depending on the manufacturer. For example, Apple offers almost all of its straps in the 40mm and 44mm lug case size. The width and length of all of these offerings vary from strap to strap. The important thing to know is that the lug size doesn’t tell you anything about the strap dimensions.

Our Shell Cordovan Strap


Once you have figured out the correct lug size for your Apple Watch, the next step is picking a strap that fits your needs. There are a couple of different things to consider when selecting your strap. One of the first things you should think about is what you will be using your Apple Watch for. If the watch will primarily be an extension of your phone (taking calls, sending messages, checking email, etc.) then a comfortable material, like leather or nylon, is a great choice for your band. For us at Nomad, leather is the obvious choice. Our Modern Straps offer a sleek design as well as all-day comfort.

Nomad Modern Strap

While leather is a timeless choice for a watch strap material, it can be really limited when it comes to exercise. Another way to put it—sweat and leather don’t mix. If you are going to use your Apple Watch for exercise, silicone or rubber are great material choices. Silicone is particularly well suited for working out since it is hypoallergenic, making sweaty skin contact during exercise comfortable. From our catalog, we recommend the Sport Strap. It is completely waterproof and great to wear while surfing, swimming, and other watersports. The waterproof construction makes cleaning a breeze; simply rinse it off with fresh water.

Nomad Sport Strap

Another classic material for a watch strap is metal, whether it be stainless steel or titanium. Metal bands are durable, hypoallergenic and, best of all, add a serious element of class to your Apple Watch. Stainless steel is a great choice because it is affordable, durable, and comfortable. If you are looking for a material fit for both special occasions and everyday wear, consider titanium. Titanium has long been used for bands in high-end offerings from watchmakers like Seiko and it is beginning to become more and more common as an Apple Watch band material. Nomad’s own offering in the metal strap arena is our take on a classic design favored by watchmakers like Rolex. We’ve slimmed down and modernized, while still holding true to timeless band design. Plus we use high-grade titanium for an ultra-light yet durable band. We’ve got more metal options on the design board for 2019, so be on the lookout for upcoming releases.

Titanium Band & Base Station Apple Watch

Now that you are armed with more knowledge about straps, sizing, and materials, choose a strap that fits you and your Apple Watch casing. The good news is that if every one of these straps sounds enticing to you, it's easy to switch straps depending on yo ur needs!

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