We Couldn’t Be More Excited for Apple Vision Pro

| Words by Madeline Myers

Apple Vision Pro will be available on February 2, and we couldn’t be more excited. Apple's latest product aims to seamlessly integrate the digital world with the physical one, promising an unparalleled level of immersion and connectivity. As we eagerly await our preorder, we thought we’d explore some of the device’s most exciting features and use cases.

What's in the Box

Apple Vision Pro comes with a Light Seal, Light Seal Cushion, and two interchangeable bands – a Solo Knit Band and a Dual Loop Band. It also comes with all the required charging components including a Battery, 30W USB-C Power Adapter, and a 1.5m USB-C Charge Cable. And finally, the packaging includes a protective cover for your Apple Vision Pro as well as a soft Polishing Cloth.


Apple Vision Pro’s singular piece of 3D laminated glass acts as an optical surface for the cameras and sensors that view the world. The glass seamlessly merges into an aluminum alloy frame that gently curves around your face and serves as an attachment point for the Light Seal, which guarantees a precise fit and blocks out stray light.

The Solo Knit Band provides cushioning and breathability, and a Fit Dial allows you to adjust the device precisely around your head.

Feels as Good as it Looks

When you wear Apple Vision Pro, you can still experience the world just as you would without the headset. The glass is see-through and ensures that your eyes and facial expressions remain visible to those around you. Every aspect of the device, from the full-wrap glass panel to its comfortable fit, is designed to seamlessly merge your physical reality with the digital world.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Storage Options. Choose from capacities of 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB to suit your storage needs.
  • Display. Boasting 23 million pixels and a 3D display system, the micro-OLED screen delivers unparalleled clarity and depth. Enjoy judder-free video playback at multiple frame rates for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Dual-chip Design. With M2 and R1 chips working in tandem, Apple Vision Pro ensures lag-free performance and real-time interaction. 
  • Camera. Its stereoscopic 3D main camera system and an array of sensors enable spatial video and photo capture, bringing your memories to life like never before.
  • Audio. The speakers are positioned close to your ears to deliver rich Spatial Audio while allowing you to maintain awareness of your surroundings. 
  • Battery. Experience up to 2 hours of general use or 2.5 hours of video playback on a single charge, with the added convenience of using the device while charging.

Apple Ecosystem

Vision Pro works seamlessly with your other Apple devices and goes above and beyond to optimize their efficiency. Effortlessly mirror your view in Vision Pro to any AirPlay‑enabled device, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV (2nd generation or later). Plus, take advantage of all the apps you know and love like Notes and Messages.

Our Favorite Use Cases

The list of things you can do with Apple Vision Pro is endless, so we figured we’d highlight a few of our favorite use cases.

  • Project your MacBook screen into the air and effortlessly interact with it with a nod or a pinch of your fingers. In some ways, Vision Pro serves as the monitor of our dreams
  • With Apple Vision Pro, you can transform any space into a personal theater, complete with life-size characters and surround-sound audio. Twist your head to hone in on all corners of the media, and to experience the device’s first-of-its-kind Spatial Audio system. 

I’m very excited to be able to finally watch movies basically in IMAX format from home. Typically when a movie comes out in IMAX, once it’s gone from theaters you can never ever experience it like that again. Vision Pro will (mostly) enable you to experience things like that again, from the comfort of your own home.

- Nick Walden, Nomad Creative Director

  • Connect with colleagues like never before, with FaceTime tiles that expand as new participants join, and collaborative apps for real-time document editing. In the world of hybrid-working, Vision Pro promises an unprecedented level of connectedness and collaboration.

Professionally, I think it will enable more immersive brainstorming sessions with team members far away.

- Noah Dentzel, Nomad CEO

How Much Does This Thing Cost?

At this point, we’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop. And perhaps that other shoe is the device’s price point. Starting at $3,499, Vision Pro is significantly more expensive than other AR headsets on the market. HTC Vive XR Elite comes in at $1,099, Meta Quest Pro at $999, and Meta Quest 3 at a much more approachable $499. 

So, why’s Apple Vision Pro so expensive? The device is priced to reflect its unique technology and component costs. Differences in display quality, resolution, and processing speeds help explain the higher price point. Plus, the product has been in development for 6 years and has involved over 5,000 patents on new technology.

A Happier, Healthier Planet

One of the things we love most about Apple is their commitment to a healthier, happier planet. Their dedication to sustainability shines through in every aspect of Vision Pro's design and production.

Utilizing recycled aluminum, rare earth elements, gold plating, and plastic, Vision Pro sets new standards for the use of eco-friendly materials. And, with zero waste sent to landfills and a transition to renewable energy at production sites, Apple leads the way in responsible production.

Vision Pro is free from harmful substances like arsenic, mercury, BFR, PVC, and beryllium, ensuring both user safety and environmental wellbeing. Its packaging is made of fiber-based materials and responsibly sourced wood fiber. 

Vision Pro at Nomad

We get questions about our plans for Vision Pro every single day. While we haven’t gotten our hands on the device just yet, we hope to use it at the office and eventually introduce a lineup of accessories for it. 

Earlier this week, we sat down with Creative Director Nick Walden to talk about the use cases of Vision Pro. He envisions using the device to bring products in their inception phase to life before him. 

I’m excited to view 3D models (CAD) of products we are designing in ‘real life’ in front of me. It’s so hard to tell things about a design of a product when you’re limited to just viewing it on a 2D screen and not the real size of the potential product. Being able to see it in ‘real life’ in front of me, at the correct size, and be able to interact (spin it around, set it on my desk, e.t.c) with it ‘in real life’ is going to be so helpful.

- Nick Walden, Nomad Creative Director

We'll Be Back

Vision Pro represents a giant leap forward in AR technology and we’re excited to hop on the bandwagon. Once February 2 arrives and we have the opportunity to experience Vision Pro firsthand, we'll be back with our comprehensive review. Until then, stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates.