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MagSafe Mount Stand

Desk Charger

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MagSafe Mount Stand is designed to give you a convenient mount for your MagSafe Charger. A singular form, crafted from a solid block of zinc alloy give it the perfect density and weight to stay put when attaching or removing your iPhone.
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Minimalist Design

A singular form, crafted from a solid block of zinc alloy for its density and weight, MagSafe Mount Stand offers the speed and convenience of MagSafe in combination with a perfectly weighted charging base to achieve the best at-home charging experience possible.

Charge Conveniently

MagSafe Mount Stand provides a vertically-oriented frame for your MagSafe Charger so you can charge at your desk while keeping an eye on your screen. MagSafe Mount Stand makes it easy to watch Netflix while charging in landscape mode or check emails while charging in portrait mode.

15W at Your Fingertips

Take advantage of the MagSafe Charger’s 15W fast charging with MagSafe Mount Stand. The design and weight of MagSafe Mount Stand make it simple and convenient to remove your iPhone with just one hand, so you can get going without any funny phone fiddling.

  • Materials
    • Zinc alloy frame
    • Microsuction
    • No-slip grip rubber foot
  • Technical
    • 119 x 83 x 63 mm
    • Weight: 595g
  • Devices
    • MagSafe Charger required (not included)
    • Works great with all iPhone 12 & 13 models
  • *Phone case recommended to prevent scratching of both MagSafe Mount Stand and iPhone
  • Is my MagSafe Charger permanently affixed to the MagSafe Mount Stand?
    It’s easy to remove your MagSafe Charger and take it on the go when needed. Microsuction tape is used to securely hold your MagSafe Charger in place. Removing the MagSafe Charger won’t damage the microsuction tape and you can reinstall your MagSafe Charger when you’re ready.
  • Does the MagSafe Mount accommodate the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera bump?
    Yes, MagSafe Mount was thoughtfully designed to provide clearance for all of the iPhone cameras as well as the raised camera ring on some iPhone cases.