Apple Watch Mount

For Base Station Hub

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Apple Watch Mount brings Apple Watch charging compatibility to your Base Station Hub Edition, enabling you to charge all your devices in one place. With an aesthetic that matches your Base Station Hub Edition, Apple Watch Mount integrates seamlessly into your desktop setup.
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  • Compatibility
    • Only compatible with Base Station Hub Edition
    • Works with all Apple brand Apple Watch magnetic charging cables
    • Does not include Apple Watch magnetic charging cable, external power source required
  • Apple Watch
    • 45mm / 44mm / 42mm and 41mm / 40mm / 38mm compatible
    • Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition
    • Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & SE (Ceramic, Titanium, Steel, Aluminum, Sport, and Nike versions)
    • Does not work with most protective Apple Watch cases
  • Materials
    • Aluminum build
    • 3M adhesive
    • Microfiber padding
  • Does Apple Watch Mount plug in to Base Station Hub Edition?
    The mount itself does not receive power, you will need to plug the Apple Watch charging cable into power. You can plug the Apple Watch charging cable into the USB ports in the back of the Base Station Hub, or into another USB charging adapter.
  • Can Apple Watch Mount be used with other Nomad products besides Base Station Hub Edition?
    While Apple Watch Mount was engineered specifically to fit both versions of the Base Station - Hub Edition, it will also fit on our other Base Stations with angled backs, like Base Station Apple Watch and Apple Watch Mount Edition.
    Please note that if the mount is installed on our Base Stations that have flat backs, like Base Station Pro or either version of Base Station Mini, there will be a gap between the back of the unit and the mount, and the mount may not stay on as well.
  • How do I attach the Apple Watch Mount to my Base Station Hub?
    Watch our instructional video below on attaching the Apple Watch Mount to your Base Station.