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Base Station Mini

Magnetic Wireless Charger

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Base Station Mini with Magnetic Alignment combines a sleek, modern design with a high-power 15W Qi coil to wirelessly charge any of your Qi devices. With magnets built into its padded leather charging surface, alignment for all of your MagSafe-enabled devices is intuitive and easy.Magnetic Alignment is designed to serve as an alignment feature and is therefore weaker than standard MagSafe. This feature is great for when visibility is low or if you’re in a rush.
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    Alignment Without Attachment

    Get the perfect alignment every time with magnets that align with the MagSafe magnets in your iPhone. This makes it easy to find the charging spot, whether you’re too busy reading an email or just trying to get back to sleep. Just feel for the magnetic snap to place and keep doing what you’re doing.

    High Powered

    Built with a 15W transmitter coil, Base Station Mini packs a lot of power into its tiny frame. Capable of charging at rates comparable to wired charging*, Base Station is great for both quick charges throughout the day and overnight charging.

    *iPhone is limited by Apple to charge at 7.5W on third party wireless chargers

    Desk or Bedside

    We designed Base Station Mini to be as thin as possible. An LED charging indicator lights up when your phone is placed on the padded leather charging surface, and an ambient light sensor automatically dims it when you turn the lights down.

    • Materials
      • Black padded leather surface
      • Aluminum chassis
      • No-slip grip rubber feet
    • Technical
      • Up to 15W wireless power output
      • USB-C power input
      • LED wireless charging indicator
      • Ambient light sensor dims LED's at night
      • Power adapter cord length: 1.5m
      • *AC Adapter not included
    • Power Requirements
      • For 10W wireless power output, use 20W AC Adapter
      • For 15W wireless power output, use 30W AC Adapter
    • How many devices does Base Station Mini charge at once?
      Base Station Mini can charge just one device at a time. To charge multiple devices at once, see our Base Station Hub Edition or Base Station Apple Watch Edition
    • Will Base Station Mini charge my iPhone at 15W?
      No, Apple limits third party accessories to 7.5W charging rates. Base Station Mini charges at this maximum limit.
    • Does this work with all Nomad cases?
      Yes, Base Station Mini is compatible with all Nomad cases.