| Words By Dani Rodriguez | Photos by Sean Collier

As Nomad has grown, so too has our product lineup. Every member of the team has helped change and redefine our brand. While Nomad has been focused on men’s gear, we have worked to diversify our product line for all the ladies out there. Our latest collection is inspired by the women of Nomad. However, this is more than a collection of products; it is a celebration of all the women who help run Nomad behind the scenes. These are The Women of Nomad.

From Customer Support to Finance to Sales and beyond, a team of amazing ladies works tirelessly to keep all the gears moving. Each of the women featured in these images has had a hand in your products, orders, and customer service. They have tested these products, given fantastic feedback, and inspired each product update. We wanted the women of Nomad to be the face of these products because, without all these women who are our co-workers, friends, and mentors, this collection wouldn't have happened. We want to continue to listen to, support, and highlight the lovely ladies of Nomad.

To that end, the women of Nomad will be doing a full takeover this week, from the Nomadic to Twitter and our Instagram: we will be running the show. A different female member of the Nomad team will be taking over our Instagram each day, so keep a lookout for stories from the ladies of Nomad. We will also be hosting a series of IG Lives this week, discussing everything from being a woman in business to breast cancer research. We look forward to others tuning in as we use our platform to navigate and discuss these issues. Let's chat ladies!

Dani | Wholesale Brand Manager

Our Support for Breast Cancer Research

This is about more than just products and a new marketing campaign. It's about stepping up to help with women's issues. Not only did we want to put faces and stories to these products: we wanted to help our global community of women. Breast cancer affects an estimated 1 in 8 Americans each year. It is something that has touched me as I lost my grandmother to breast cancer. Her strong mind and sassy attitude have shaped who I am as a woman and whom I strive to be. A lot of us have strong women in our lives that have molded us over the years, and here is our chance to help out with an issue that affects so many. Nomad will donate $7 from each product sold in this collection for this week to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This organization's mission is to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing & supporting the world's most promising research. Learn more about their mission here.

-Dani Rodriguez, Wholesale Brand Manager at Nomad

Letters from the Team

To help spread the love and highlight some of our amazing female co-workers, we've asked a few of them to write a little letter about the strong women in their lives who continue to believe in and empower them.

Nikki B | Women of NomadNikki B | Customer Support
Lindsay | Women of NomadLindsay | Operations

"She believed she could, so she did" is the quote engraved on one of my most prized possessions, a bracelet my mother gave me. She instilled in me a grittiness and courage to beat all odds. If you want it, work for it.

I'm incredibly thankful to have someone like my mom that taught me how to hustle. I owe just about everyone at Nomad a big thank you, but here are just a few: I want to thank KP, Head of Customer Support at Nomad, for being an exemplary manager, mentor & guide. A big thank you to Nomad co-founders Brian & Noah for letting me host a concert at HQ after I had been working at Nomad for just a few months. To Chuck, Head of Marketing, thank you for always having confidence in me.

- Erica Deforge-Zarza, Customer Support & Marketing at Nomad

Sofia Silva | Wholesale Director

Women empowering each other is unlike any other bond that I have experienced. The effort we make to check in with one another and ensure that our sisters have the same opportunities is powerful. I am proud of my gender when we break the glass ceilings for each other and bring up all women around us. We fight for the right to work, healthcare, and equal pay, rights that our male counterparts are born into.

Thank you to my incredible female co-workers at Nomad, who inspire me to work hard, lead with integrity, and embrace my creativity. We have traveled to many countries together, closed midnight deals, answered 10's of thousands of customer questions, and shared a drink or two. We encourage not only each other's physical health but are tender and supportive of our co-worker's mental health. I am grateful to all of you, not only colleagues but good friends.

- Sofia Silva, Wholesale Director at Nomad

Sarah | Customer Support
Ali | Graphic Design

I grew up watching the women in my family break the norms set for our gender by society, beating the odds stacked against us, all while challenging closed-minded perspectives. I watched in awe as my mom went off to work each morning at the law firm she owned and built. I watched my nana, a social justice warrior and three-time cancer survivor, advocate for the rights of women and workers. I’m eternally grateful for the lessons in strength and selfless care for others that she gave me.

I am inspired by the same determination, tireless work, and care that drives my female colleagues at Nomad. I want to thank each of them for the gears that they keep turning behind the scenes and the daring work they do every day of being themselves, and unapologetically speaking their minds. To my Customer Support team: Thank you for the positivity that you bring to Nomad and for the endless ways that you build each other up. We are a community of women that empower and support each other at every opportunity. I am so grateful for this community and for the support we have from everyone at Nomad.

- Kristin Pendleton, Customer Support Director at Nomad

Nikki V | Office Admin
Becky | Graphic Design

The Collection

We've put together a collection of products that speaks to the kind of gear the Women of Nomad wanted to design. We've selected leather colors that will go with any Apple Watch & outfit combo. At the same time, we've kept true to our roots, using leather from the famed Horween Tannery of Chicago. This leather will develop its own unique patina and luster with age, ensuring that each strap and case will be one of a kind. We can't wait to see how the Nomad community rocks this gear!

Natural Leather
Gold Apple Watch
Black LeatherBlack Leather
Silver Apple WatchSilver Apple Watch
Natural LeatherNatural Leather
Silver Apple WatchSilver Apple Watch
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