The Latest in iPad: Introducing Leather Folio & Leather Folio Plus

| Words by Madeline Myers

A few months ago, our Product Team set out to create a more modern and functional version of our popular Modern Leather Folio for iPad. After six months of hard work, it's finally time to unveil Leather Folio and Leather Folio Plus.

These new accessories give your iPad a sleek leather look while maintaining its slim profile. They seamlessly activate your iPad upon opening and put it to rest when closed. Plus, they fold into various kickstand positions for effortless viewing, reading, FaceTiming, and more.

Let's walk through some of the features we’re most excited about.

The Leather You Know and Love

Leather Folio and Folio Plus are built with full-grain leather from world renowned Danish tannery Ecco. The leather is aniline dyed to achieve a brilliant color without losing any of its natural features and the finish matures over time to develop a dark, lustrous patina unique to you. 

The parts you can’t see are just as remarkable. Both Folios are built with durable fiberglass frames, meticulously shaped and sanded for precision, and their interiors are lined with a soft microfiber to shield your iPad's back from wear.

It's All About Magnets

Leather Folio and Folio Plus harnesses the strength of hundreds of internal magnets to effortlessly attach to your iPad. Once attached, the Folios stay securely in place, whether you're lounging at home or commuting to work.

Magnets also play a crucial role in securely holding your Folio in various kickstand positions. They facilitate hands-free viewing and offer comfort and convenience for activities like typing, drawing, video calls, and more. The adjustable angle promotes ergonomic use, reducing strain on the neck and wrists, while also improving visibility by minimizing glare and reflections.

Slim Protection

Leather Folio and Folio Plus offer a barely-there feel while protecting your iPad from everyday wear and tear. They’re precisely sized to fit your iPad without any overhang or unnecessary bulk.  

There are so many iPad accessories out there. If I had to pick just one, it would be this one. It's slim, it's secure, and it looks great.

- Harvey, Product Manager

Leather Folio's backplate is a striking 2.22mm thick

Feels Like Magic

Leather Folio and Folio Plus work with your iPad’s smart wake & sleep feature, automatically waking when opened and sleeping when closed. This subtle design touch brings a touch of magic to your everyday routine.

Can’t Get Enough of Your Apple Pencil? 

If you’re like us and carry your Apple Pencil around wherever you go, we’d suggest Leather Folio Plus. It features a magnetic flap designed to securely store your Apple Pencil against your iPad. Ready to work? Simply fold the magnetic flap flat against the back of your iPad to view and interact with your entire screen.

And there you have it, the latest in iPad from Nomad. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, everyday accessory that boosts your iPad’s functionality, look no further. We guarantee Leather Folio and Leather Folio Plus will enhance the ways you interact with your iPad.

Happy shopping!