Introducing Rugged Strap

| Words by Bryson Smith | Photos by Sean Collier

The all-new Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE just launched, with more features for an action-packed lifestyle than ever before. From the always-on altimeter to the blood oxygen sensor, we are stoked to use our new watches while running, biking, hiking, swimming, and exploring outdoors. To get the most out of the new Apple Watch, we needed a strap that can keep up with all the activities and adventures we love at Nomad. That's why we've redesigned our original Rugged Strap for an all-new and improved Rugged Strap V2. Read on to learn more about what makes this Apple Watch strap stand out for athletic performance & adventure.

Rugged Strap is 100% percent waterproof

FKM | Ultra Rugged & Ultra Comfortable

Rugged Strap is constructed of FKM or fluoro-elastomer. FKM is known for its excellent durability as well as its malleability. It is often used on an industrial scale for fuel pump seals or O-ring seals in aerospace applications. FKM is extremely reliable under a massive temperature range, hence its widespread use in the aerospace industry. We've adapted FKM for our purposes, crafting an Apple Watch Strap that is durable enough to hold up to whatever adventure you find yourself on. Rugged Strap feels soft and comfortable, but can stand up to abrasion and wear. The ribbed designs increase breathability and ventilation, keeping your wrist comfortable even on long workouts in the heat.

The FKM vulcanized rubber construction & stainless steel lugs & buckles make Rugged Strap completely waterproof, so you can take it anywhere. This is also ideal for long term maintenance, as you can clean your Rugged Strap with warm water and hand soap without damaging it.

On the water

Secure Fit

When we set out to build the ultimate watch strap for adventure & exercise, we knew that the strap's durability wasn't the only important metric; we needed to make a strap that wouldn't disengage from the Apple Watch while in use. Straps separating from Apple Watches while swimming, surfing, or biking are all too common, so we made sure to make Rugged Strap V2 as secure as possible. Rugged Strap can resist a lateral slide-out force between 5 and 20 kgf, ensuring that it will protect your Apple Watch no matter what. It is also designed to fit most any wrist with a size range from 150mm 20 210mm. This helps ensure that Rugged Strap will secure Apple Watch to your wrist. If you play hard outside, we think Rugged Strap is the best choice for protecting your Apple Watch.

Cast off with your Apple Watch secure

We can't wait to see what adventures the Nomad community gets up to with Rugged Strap, especially with the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. If you aren't getting a new watch but want to add Rugged Strap to your kit, you are in luck, as Rugged Strap is backward compatible with every Apple Watch from Series 1 on. We are also offering Rugged Strap in both the 44mm / 42mm & 40mm / 38mm size, so no matter what watch you have, we got you covered. We can't wait to see how the Nomad community will use Rugged Strap with Apple Watch. Be sure to tag us on Instagram with your new strap in the wild for a chance to be featured! Shop the collection here.

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