Our Favorite Fitness Apps

| Words by Bryson Smith

As we close in on the fifth week of social distancing here in California, the Nomad crew has become increasingly familiar with the myriad of different at-home fitness apps available. Some apps that previously required a monthly fee are now free, while others can be found at a discounted rate. Even some of our favorite yoga studios have begun offering Zoom based classes to keep us centered while at home. This week, we tasked the Nomad team to send over a list of their favorites so far so we can share them all with you. Check it out below!

CorePower Yoga On Demand

Bring your yoga practice home with CorePower

If you are missing your daily yoga flows while stuck at home, don't worry - you can bring the studio to your living room with CorePower on Demand. Nomad Office Manager, Nikki Vyn, has been using CorePower on Demand every day during the quarantine period.

CorePower On Demand has really helped me improve and diversify my yoga practice since I'm able to try out so many different styles and yoga teachers all from my living room. The range of workouts is fantastic for staying entertained and stimulated - one-minute meditations to 60-minute full-body workouts! - Nikki Vyn, Nomad Office Manager

CorePower yoga on Demand offers unlimited access to hundreds of different yoga classes, from flows to savasana. You can get CorePower on Demand for $19.99 a month or $199.99 a year.


Get the most out of your workouts with Seconds

Seconds is a simple tool that helps you make sure to keep up the intensity in HIIT style workouts. Seconds offers customizable interval & Tabata timers for all you Crossfit folks out there. You can create custom intervals of any length and share and export your timers to friends, even if they aren't using Seconds. Head of Customer Support at Nomad, Kristin Pendleton recommended Seconds, her favorite part is:

When customizing your timers, you can set music to specific intervals, rest periods, and whatever you can think of. I love sharing workouts with friends I can't see right now set to a sweet playlist. Also, queuing some elevator music for the rest periods always adds a good laugh to a hard workout. - Kristin Pendleton, Head of Customer Support

You can try Seconds out free once, and if you wish to continue using it, it will set you back $4.99. Get it on the App Store here.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training offers nutritional advice as well as workouts

The Nike Training Club App is a great choice for a comprehensive fitness app, especially if you are an Apple Watch user. It offers coaching, workouts, fitness tracking, and nutritional advice, not to mention a whole bunch of other features. Noah Dentzel, Nomad CEO & co-founder, was a big fan of the Nike Training Club Pro app before social distancing:

It's all super integrated into Apple Watch workout and health tracking. It makes it easy for me to log my workouts and close my rings, now that the app is free, I love it even more! - Noah Dentzel

Normally, Nike Training Club operates on a freemium model, where anyone can access the base features with additional tools like yoga training and HIIT workouts available for a fee. However, for the foreseeable future, Nike has opened things up to make all features free for everyone. If you're an Apple Watch user, and finally decided it's time to step up your home workout game, this could be the app for you.


Stay Calm & Focused with Headspace

Headspace is a guided meditation app that people all over the world, from Lebron James to Emma Watson, are using on a daily basis to practice meditation & mindfulness. Head Space offers guided meditations for walking, sleep, focus, anxiety, and much more. Brian Hahn, Nomad CPO & co-founder, has been using Headspace to help him keep on track with his meditation practice.

I've always been interested in meditation and often joked that if Nomad hadn't worked out, I would have dropped everything to go study meditation with Buddhist Monks. I've always struggled to maintain a consistent routine when it comes to meditation, and Headspace has really helped me build a routine, which I think is especially important right now since every normal routine I had has been disrupted. - Brian Hahn, Nomad co-founder & CPO

Headspace offers both a free & paid version, allowing you to try it out and see if it works for you before committing. If you like Headspace, you can get two weeks free if you sign up for a year of Headspace Plus ($69.99) right now. Check it out on the App store here.


Stay on top of goals like reading with Streaks

The last app on our list, Streaks, isn't strictly a fitness app - it allows you to track whatever you want over any period of time. If your quarantine goal is read 50 pages of your favorite book each day, you can track it with Streaks. Streaks allows you to assign positive or negative attributes to things. So if you are trying to give up smoking or take a break from caffeine, you can track that as well. Streaks also won a design award from Apple, so you know it's good. Download it on the app store here.

We hope you enjoyed our team's favorite fitness apps, be sure and let us know what your favorite app for staying happy & healthy at home is! Also if you need some new gear to help you stay active, check out our top picks for active gear below!

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