2019 State of the Union

| Words by Noah Dentzel

As 2019 has come to a close, it's rewarding to look back at everything the Nomad team accomplished this year. From launching over sixty new products to bringing the whole team to visit our production partners in China, we've been nothing short of incredibly busy. Our newer, bigger office in downtown Santa Barbara now feels like home, and it's getting cozier, too: the Nomad team is now thirty strong. We've continued to innovate and expand upon our lineup by launching products that incorporate new materials. From the waterproof leather in our Active Leather series to our incredibly robust Kevlar™-reinforced cables, our commitment to industry leading materials is stronger than ever. We've also doubled down on perfecting and expanding our line-cup of cases, Apple Watch straps, and wireless chargers. We have a bunch of awesome new gear planned for 2020 and can't wait to share it all with you soon. The first new product drop is just weeks away.

We are also excited to be introducing the Base Station Pro, Nomad's position free wireless charger. Base Station Pro is powered by FreePower™, an exclusive technology from Nomad partner, Aira. If you would like to learn more about Base Station Pro, check out this page.

From Wireless Chargers to New Apple Watch Straps
We've Expanded Our Product Line Up

We’ve committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible and we are offsetting what we can’t reduce.

- Noah Dentzel

As always, Nomad continues to grow and improve thanks to the support of our community. This year we shipped 146,611 packages to 115 countries around the world and grew our retail footprint by launching with key partners globally so we can reach Nomads wherever they may be roaming. We’ve also pledged to reduce our impact on the environment by joining Climate Neutral. We’ve committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible and we are offsetting what we can’t reduce. And this is just a start as we work to find new ways to build sustainability into our business model.

It’s crazy to think that it has been over seven years since we Kickstarted our first product, ChargeCard, in 2012. To those of you who have been along for the ride since early in the Nomad journey, I promise that Nomad will continue to stay true to our community-backed roots. And to those of you who just joined us: welcome to the roaring twenties with Nomad, we’ve got some of our best stuff yet in the works. We’re committed to building durable, practical, forward-thinking products from the best materials. And we’re grateful to our customers for making this all happen and holding us to high standards.

Noah, CoFounder and CEO
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