Father's Day Gift Guide

| Words by Bryson Smith | Photos by Nick Walden

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it's time to get the perfect gift dialed in. We’ve put together a list of some of the best gifts available, so rest assured you won't have to give another "World’s Best Dad" Mug this year. Whether your dad needs some new camping gear, fresh finds for his library or new tech; we’ve covered it all in our Father’s Day Gift Guide below. We've picked out a handful of gifts that we are sure dads everywhere will love.

1. Summer Adventure Gear

Yeti 20 and Iron & Resin Del Sol Blanket

Summer is upon us and what better way to stoke out Dad than to give him some gear he needs to enjoy all that comes with summer: camping, beach days, road trips and everything else the great outdoors has to offer. If your Dad is in need of some new gear to help him camp in style, we’ve got some great recommendations for you.

Something that we’ve been using a lot recently is the Del Sol Blanket, from Iron & Resin. This thick cotton blanket is perfect for keeping warm by the campfire, sleeping under on a warm summer night, and picnicking on the beach. It is thick enough to be durable but not too heavy to pack easily.

Another great addition to your dad's camping kit is a quality cooler to keep drinks and food chilled for hot summer days. At Nomad we are big fans of the Tundra series from Yeti. These coolers are insulated to ensure that your provisions stay cold no matter what. Yeti has built a reputation on building the most durable coolers out there. We've put our Tundras through the wringer and they have held up without fail. Yeti offers the Tundra in a wide range of sizes, from 20 liters to 350 liters, there is a size that will accommodate your dad's needs.

Rugged Case in Brown & Black Horween Leather

If summer adventures are on the horizon for your dad, then another great gift is a phone case so he can protect his phone while hiking, camping and exploring. We think that our own Rugged Cases are a great option for keeping his phone safe no matter where he heads this summer. Our Rugged Cases, built with Horween leather, are available for the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR. All Nomad Rugged Cases are built with high-grade polycarbonate bodies and are bonded to raised TPE bumpers on their edges. This ensures up to 6 ft of drop protection so that your dad's phone will stand up to wherever his travels take him; whether it's dropping the kids off at soccer practice or on a backcountry adventure.

2. Tech He Will Actually Use

One of the age old pitfalls of Father’s Day gifts is finding something that seems like the latest and greatest gadget for Dad, only to have it gathering dust in the corner a few weeks later. We’ve selected some utility items that are sure to become part of his everyday carry essentials.

KeySmart Pro with Tile

If your dad is always misplacing his keys, or carries around a key ring so large he practically needs a backpack just to transport them, then the KeySmart Pro with Tile® will be the perfect gift to streamline his keys and help him stay organized. KeySmart allows you to store up to 10 keys on an organized unit similar in size to a small pocket knife. The KeySmart Pro has a built in Tile so that it can be easily located with the free Tile® App for Android or iOS. With the KeySmart Pro, your dad will be able to keep his keys both organized and located, saving him time so he can focus on doing what he loves.

Battery Cable

If your dad's phone is likely to be dead when you give him a call this Father's Day, then it is probably time to get him a battery pack to help him stay powered. Two great options from Nomad are our PowerPack and Battery Cable.

The PowerPack is great for weekend trips as it will give your dad enough power to stay charged through a weekend. Plus it comes with an integrated Tile® tracker so he won't lose it.

The Battery Cable is perfect for everyday carry as it will give almost a full extra charge for your Dad's iPhone , giving him enough back up juice to get through the day. Its dual function as both a cable and battery pack make it easier for your dad to do more with less. Plus as a multi-use item its one less thing to carry around and remember to bring everywhere.

3. Summer Reading

The Voyage of the Cormorant by Christian Beamish

There is nothing like a good book for a Father's day gift and if you are trying to give your dad some trip inspiration as well, why not get him a good adventure story. A great book that's been passed around the Nomad office lately is The Voyage of The Cormorant by Christian Beamish. The Voyage of The Cormorant tells the story of Christian Beamish, a former editor at the Surfer's Journal, and his attempt to build a wooden sailboat by hand. Beamish then takes his 18ft wooden craft, dubbed The Cormorant, on an epic voyage from San Diego, California to the tip of Baja Sur in Mexico. Beamish's journey is full of twists and turns and is an inspiring read for anyone; whether you be an armchair adventurer, aspiring craftsman or ocean lover.

4. Classic Styles for New Tech

Traditional Style for a Modern Time Piece

If Dad is rocking an Apple Watch but appreciates the classic stylings of older timepieces then a Nomad Traditional Strap is a great fit for his Apple Watch. Our Traditional Strap line up is all made from Horween leather from the USA. Horween is the same tannery responsible for making the leather for NFL footballs, giving your dad a great story about where the leather on his slick new Apple Watch Strap came from. We offer our Traditional Straps in both black and silver hardware, as well as in black and brown leather. There is sure to be a color combo that fits Dad's own unique style.

If nothing here seems like the right fit for your dad then let him choose by stoking him out with a Nomad Gift Card. Whatever you end up getting your dad, we hope you have a great Fathe r's Day!

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