Mother's Day Gift Guide

| Words By Bryson Smith

Even with all the craziness going on right now, some things are still the same, like Mother's day is four days away - in case you forgot. Moms are awesome, so stoke yours out properly with a great gift. We've made it easy to get Mom the perfect gift this year by teaming up with Moment & Parker Clay to offer 25% off of our respective Mother's Day collections; you can shop all the eligible sale items here. We've put together a list of our top picks from the sale below. If nothing here floats your Mom's boat, not to worry, we have some other recommendations as well! We also know that four days is not a whole lot of time for a gift to get there, but hey very tiny silver COVID-19 lining- tell her the shipping was delayed...just kidding don't lie to your Mom.

Photo Gear for Mom

Nomad Case & a Moment Lens

Your Mom was into photography back before likes, hashtags, and filters. Where do you think all those cool photos of you as a kid came from? Maybe it took her a little bit longer to figure out how her iPhone works and what a selfie is, but her photography skills are on point. Hook your Mom up with some serious photo gear this year by getting her a Moment lens and a Nomad case to match. If you are a new dad, good quality photos of your progeny's formative years will be treasured for years to come. So give Mom the tools to capture first steps, day of school, and everything in between. You can grab cases, lenses and more mobile photo upgrades from Moment here. Our top lens pick for Mother's Day is the 18mm wide lens. This lens is a mobile workhorse and will allow Mom to capture everything that is happening at those hectic family picnics, beach trips, and soccer games. You can get one for 25% from Moment here. Just remember to enter the code: MAKEHERDAY at checkout.

Upgrade Mom's Apple Watch

Nomad Apple Watch Strap in Natural Leather with Rose Gold Hardware

If your Mom is rocking an Apple Watch, now is the time to upgrade her to one of our Horween Leather Apple Watch straps. Our first choice for a strap for Mom is one of our natural leather straps, offered in both rose gold and silver hardware. We used a lighter, vegetable tannage for these straps, creating a softer look your Mom will love. So make your Mom's Apple Watch a stylish piece she can rock every day, all while using her Apple Watch to keep track of the million things she has to do. These straps will fit any Apple Watch, so if you got her an Apple Watch a few years ago, not to worry, these straps will fit just fine. Don't forget to enter the code MAKEHERDAY at checkout for 25% off.

A New Bag Built To Last

Merkato Signature Tote by Parker Clay

Let's face it; moms are the original masters of every day carry: my Mom used to produce cheese sticks, hand sanitizer, bandaids, and whatever random item was needed from her bag. I'm still not sure how she managed to fit everything in there, let alone find things at the bottom.

With that in mind, we think a bag that looks good and is built to last is a perfect Mother's Day gift. Our top pick for a bag for Mom is the Merkato Tote from Parker Clay. This bag is ideal for packing in all the essentials and is made from lush, full-grain Ethiopian leather. If you are a fan of the Horween leather that we use at Nomad, you will love the leather quality of this bag. It can fit a 15-inch laptop and has an interior D-ring for storing keys. There is also an internal zipper pocket, so Mom doesn't have to dig around for everything as much.

This bag isn't just a cool gift; it has a great story behind it. Parker Clay makes their bags in Ethiopia, creating fair trade employment for women who would otherwise be at risk of exploitation and unfair labor. So you can stoke your Mom out while helping women everywhere. You can grab the Merkato Tote from Parker Clay for 30% off for Mother's Day. Just use the discount code SHEDESERVESIT at checkout. Plus you can snag free two day shipping today only!

Flowers But Better

House Plants Delivered to Your Door

Flowers are always big on Mother's Day, but you know what's better than a bouquet that shrivels away into nothing after a week or so? A new houseplant that will brighten up the home for years. That's where Sill comes in. Sill offers a massive selection of fantastic houseplants delivered straight to your door. You can check everything out here. We are big fans of any and all succulents, but the possibilities are really endless here. Sill also sends you helpful care instructions, just in case mom is missing a green thumb. Full disclosure: the shipping deadline on this one has passed, so you are going to be giving Mom an order confirmation that you neatly tucked into her card if you go this route. If you can't decide what plant to get, you can always grab a digital gift card from Sill here.

More Great Nomad Picks for Mom

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