AirPods Pro | First Impressions

| Words by Bryson Smith | Photos Courtesy of Apple & Andrea Ricci

On October 28th, 2019, Apple announced the newest edition to its fastest-growing product category: wearables. The latest member of the family? AirPods Pro. Apple released the first iteration of AirPods in September of 2016 and followed up with a version two in April 2019. AirPods have become incredibly popular, and if you are wondering about whether or not to buy them, we have a comprehensive guide on that here. AirPods Pro builds on many of the great things about AirPods while staying true to what has made AirPods so exceptional. Tim Cook's (Tim Apple?) suggestion that Apple fans should buy both AirPods and AirPods Pro might seem hopeful on Apple's part, but we are seriously impressed with Apple's latest headphones.

Base Station Apple Watch & AirPods Pro

There are three elements to AirPods Pro that make them stand out when compared to AirPods: active noise cancellation, transparency mode & silicone ear tips. The active noise cancellation is accomplished thanks to Apple's H1 Chip (also found in Beats Headphones and AirPods) and two microphones: one external, one internal. According to Apple, noise cancellation is continuously adjusted 200 times per second, ensuring that variation in your external environment won't penetrate your listening experience. Over the past week, I've been using AirPods Pro in the office, on the way to work and while biking. Overall I've found the noise cancellation to be effective, though not as good as some other high-end noise-canceling headphones, like the Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds. AirPods Pro certainly stands up to the task of dealing with loud ambient noise and background fluff. For all but the most discerning audiophiles, the active noise cancellation and sound quality it provides will be more than adequate.

A look inside | AirPods Pro

While AirPods Pro might not be the very best noise-canceling earbuds available in terms of pure sound quality, they more than makeup for it in other categories. Part of the reason AirPods have become so popular is their almost uncanny ability to integrate into the user's existing Apple ecosystem seamlessly. AirPods Pro offers the same easy connection to your Apple Device (no navigating labyrinth Bluetooth menus) that Apple Fans everywhere have gotten used to. AirPods Pro also switches between your MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and other Apple devices without you even noticing. Apple has managed to pack in high-quality audio, noise-canceling, and a more secure fit when compared to the original AirPods. The silicone ear tips help with keeping AirPods Pro in your ear, especially while exercising. While not as secure as the fit offered by earphones like Powerbeats Pro, the silicone tips will work much better for users who found AirPods to come out of their ears while exercising. The convenience and ease of use that made AirPods one of our favorite Apple Accessories is there with AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro
Charging Up

If you have never owned AirPods and are looking to upgrade to a Bluetooth headset, then AirPods Pro will probably blow you away. From active noise cancellation to their custom-fit silicone earbuds, AirPods Pro is a cut above. They are Apple's pro model, after all. However, if noise cancellation and superior audio quality aren't a big deal for you, then you might be better off saving 50 bucks and sticking with regular AirPods. However, once you go pro, you probably aren't going back.

Nomad & AirPods Pro

If you are looking for a Nomad case for your new AirPods Pro, we have good news and bad news for you. The good news is we are hard at work on building a new case for the AirPods Pro. The bad news is that making a great product sometimes takes more time than we would like. We are pushing to get these done as fast as possible; without sacrificing product quality. UPDATE OUR CASES ARE HERE!

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