A New Era of Universal USB-C Charging

| Words by Madeline Myers

Earlier this month, Apple introduced the USB-C port to iPhone 15, ushering in a new and very exciting era of universal USB-C charging.

If you’re wondering why connectors and tips seem to change all the time, and why Apple decided to transition the latest iPhone from Lightning to USB-C, you aren’t alone. Luckily, USB-C offers many distinct benefits to get excited about. Let’s explore some of those benefits and take a closer look at the options you have available here at Nomad.

Why USB-C?

Let’s start with the basics.

In October 2022, the European Union passed legislation requiring devices like phones, tablets, and cameras to adopt a universal charging standard. Many believe Apple's transition to USB-C for iPhone 15 was a response to these new regulations.

This transition not only complies with new regulations, but also introduces a noteworthy benefit: a more seamless and user-friendly charging experience. Now, a single USB-C cable can effortlessly power most, if not all, your devices.

Further, this shift towards universal USB-C charging aligns with a more sustainable ethos, by cutting back on electronic waste. In a world where owning multiple devices is common, each with its own charging cable, this newfound compatibility marks a welcome simplification for many.

More on Reversibility

A major benefit of USB-C is its reversible design, which creates a seamless and hassle-free charging experience for users.

iPhone 15 takes this reversible design to the next level by allowing you to use it as a power source for other devices. You can charge your AirPods, Apple Watch, or any other small device that supports USB Power Delivery at up to 4.5 watts using your iPhone 15. If you have another device with a USB-C connector, simply connect it to your iPhone using a USB-C cable. Additionally, you can charge your Apple Watch by connecting an Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to a USB-C Cable directly to your iPhone, or by using a Magnetic Charging Cable.

Slim & Sleek Design

Design has always been a hallmark of Apple products, and the USB-C transition for iPhone 15 is no exception. USB-C has a thin profile that not only adds a touch of modern elegance to your tech setup but also offers practical space-saving benefits. It declutters your work area and takes up less space in your bag.

It’s Speedy

USB-C unlocks faster and more efficient charging compared to alternatives. All you need to achieve this fast charging is a 20W (or higher) USB-C PD adapter.

When it comes to MacBooks, charging speeds are even more remarkable. The latest models of both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro leverage USB-C's Power Delivery capabilities to charge faster and at significantly higher wattages.

USB-C Charging at Nomad

Now that we’ve reviewed the benefits of USB-C, let’s explore your options here at Nomad. Enter USB-C Cable with Kevlar® and Universal Cable with Kevlar®.

We got tired of cables failing after a few years of use so our team set out to engineer an ultra-durable charging solution. We integrated a double-braided Kevlar® outer sheath to our cable design and added metal alloy tips to protect the area where many cables fail. We performed dozens of stress tests to ensure they stood up to even the most demanding applications.

If you’re looking for a modern USB-C cable for all your devices, we’d recommend our USB-C Cable with Kevlar®. It’s sleek, ultra-durable, and supports up to 5A at 20V (100W) with a USB-C PD compatible adapter. Plus, it has an RF Shield for Fast Sync and supports USB 2.0 data transfer at remarkable 480Mbps speeds.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get more versatile, enter Universal Cable. Effortlessly transition between USB-A, USB-C, and Micro USB connectors to quickly charge all your devices from one power conductor.

Both cables come in multiple lengths – 0.3m, 1.5m, and 3.0m – so you can customize your cable to your space and charging needs. Plus, the longer variants have cable ties built with near-indestructible Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) for easy organization.

A closer look at the LSR cable tie
A Nomad cable coming in handy on a coastal California road trip

That’s the Rundown

We hope this rundown on the benefits of USB-C was helpful for you. If you'd like to learn more about our cables, or are looking for a recommendation, we'd love to chat! Drop us a line at support@nomadgoods.com.