- $19.95

Metal Engraving

For Rugged Keychain & Pet Tag


Keep losing Tucker? Max playing hide and seek? Can’t find Bruce? Fido on the loose? Add an engraving to your Rugged AirTag Keychain so it can serve double duty as a tag and a tracker.

    • Custom engraved metal name tag
    • Works with both white and black Rugged AirTag Keychain
  • *Not valid for return or refund.
  • Materials
    • Stainless Steel
  • Technical
    • Character limit of 15
  • Does this work for cats too?
    Yes! Although the Rugged AirTag Keychain might be a little large on cats, so be sure to double check whether the size is acceptable.
  • What is the difference between Rugged Keychain and Rugged Pet Tag?
    Rugged Keychain and Pet Tag are identical and can be used on a variety of items including keychains, pet collars, luggage, etc. Both have the option for a custom add on metal engraving insert.
  • Do you accept returns for this?
    No, this item is not valid for return or refund once engraved.

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Customizable Metal Tag

Make Rugged Pet Tag your own with custom text engraved on this stainless steel insert. Great for putting your pet’s name and your phone number on your pet’s collar.