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Curved Surface Mount for AirTag


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Not all gear is flat, which is why Moement made the curved surface mount for AirTag. Built with a flexible silicone construction, it’s easy to conform to virtually any hard surface you want to stick an AirTag to. We’re looking forward to putting them on our drones, under our bike seats, inside our kayaks, music gear, snowblowers, surfboards, you get the picture. With a watertight shell and rugged adhesive, they’re ready to go wherever you are. Hide your AirTag where thieves won’t find them with the Curved Surface Mount.
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Curved Surface Mount

Insert your AirTag into Curved Surface Mount to easily find your premium gear. This compact attachment upgrades your everyday carry with a rugged adhesive backing to attach to virtually any hard surface and create a watertight seal.

Silicone Construction

The flexible silicone shell allows for secure protection of AirTag. Curved Surface Mount is lined with shock absorbing foam to prevent rattle and keep things tight, while hidden for added protection.

  • Materials
    • Flexible silicone construction
    • Rugged adhesive backing for secure stick to hard surfaces
  • Intended Use
    • Everyday carry
  • Can AirTag be removed or replaced without damaging the adhesive?
    You cannot remove or replace AirTag without removing the entire pocket. An extra adhesive pad is included for removal and installation on new surfaces.