Opt Inside | Our Top Picks

| Words by Bryson Smith

This week, Nomad, along with 10 of our favorite brands, is bringing you a sweet #OptInside Sale to help make sheltering in place a little more fun. Check out our team's top picks from the sale and grab some great new gear that will make staying home that much better.

Moment | M Series Lens Mount

Take your conference calls to the next level with the M Series Mount

If you are like the Nomad crew, the amount of time you are spending on video calls has skyrocketed in the past month - whether for work or staying in touch with friends & family. If you are looking to upgrade your video conferencing, then check out the M-Series lens mount from Moment. This lens mount allows you to attach Moment lenses to the selfie camera on your phone, or the video camera on your laptop. Combine it with a wide-angle lens, and you can let more people into your Facetime while showing those on the other side of the call more of what you are up to. Throw a filter on the lens for some exciting lighting - the possibilities are endless - you can get the M-Series lens mount (and any other Moment gear) for 30% off right now!

Fluidstance | The Plane® Cloud

The Plane® Cloud | Balance Board

If achy joints, poor posture, and a tight back are ailing you, you might be sitting too much while working from home. Fluidstance, a Santa Barbara-based company that's been around since 2015, is on a mission to make the workplace (whether that's at home or in the office) healthier and more fun. How? By getting you moving even when you are behind a desk all day. Fluidstance makes balance boards that tilt in 360 degrees, allowing you to freely fidget while working. Even better, Fluidstance makes all their balance boards from sustainable materials. Our team's top pick is the Plane® Cloud balance board. It's slightly smaller than the original Fluidstance balance boards, making it perfect for a home office. The Plane® Cloud is built from recycled plastic, and you can get one for 15% off using our OPTINSIDE sale code at checkout!

Rumpl | Sherpa Blanket

Stay Cozy with the Rumpl Sherpa

Rumpl makes high-quality blankets for outdoor adventures & curling up by the fire - blankets really are a minimalist tool! They use the same high-end materials found in your favorite puffy jacket or sleeping bag. Our team's favorite blanket from Rumpl for wrapping up while at home is the Sherpa Puffy.The Sherpa combines Rumpl's insulated, water-resistant Puffy blanket with an ultra-soft itch-free wool blend for maximum comfort. Whether you are spending the evening in the backyard stargazing or curled up inside by the fire, the Sherpa Puffy is sure to keep you and your quarantine buddy cozy.

Nomad | Base Station Apple Watch

Nomad Base Station Apple Watch

The Base Station Apple Watch is one of our team's favorite Nomad products of all time. Our recent addition of a USB-A & USB-C port has made it my personal favorite Nomad product. Right now is pretty much the best time ever to buy a Base Station Apple Watch, because you can get it for 30% off and we usually don't discount it like this. If that's not enough to entice you, consider that when you buy a Base Station Apple Watch, you get a Nomad cable built with Kevlar for 50% off. Throw the 30% off you get with our OPTINSIDE sale, and you are looking at the best wireless charger and cable around for less than $120. So go ahead, upgrade your home office with some Nomad gear at a deep discount!

Litra | LitraPro™


If you are like the Nomad team, you've been cooking just a little bit more than usual these days. Since you can't have your friends over for dinner, all you have to share your culinary masterpieces is photos - and sometimes those phone food pics just don't do justice to your home cooking. If you want your food photography to really pop (or whatever crafts you are getting up to while stuck at home), consider upgrading your lighting set up with a LitraPro™. These compact video & photo lights pack a serious punch, with full-spectrum, bi-color lighting, adjustable color temperature, and Bluetooth compatibility. You can transform dull shots with the right lighting, and the LitraPro™ will get you there. So go ahead, upgrade your TikTok lighting, IG colors & YouTube backdrops. Did we mention that you can get the LitraPro™ for 20% off this week?

Toad & Co | Epiq Jogger

Epiq Jogger

Working from home has got us all busting out our comfy clothes and pretty much living in them. If you are looking to upgrade your at-home comfort, then Toad & Co is a great place to score some deals on casual threads. Our favorite item from their opt inside sale is the Epiq Jogger. These pants pile on the comfort with a blend of hemp & organic cotton that feels worn in right of the box. If a new pair of sweats isn't really your jam, Toad & Co is offering an additional 25% off of their already discounted sale items, with the OPTINSIDE code at checkout.

Linedock | 13inch

Linedock 13

Linedock is a relative newcomer to the Apple accessories market, but ever since they launched, we've been big fans. Their all in one, go anywhere, do anything Linedock 13 for the Macbook Pro or Macbook Air is a power bank, port expander, and external hard drive. If your work from home set up uses multiple displays, keyboards, and a mouse, then the Linedock 13 is the perfect port expander. It also packs eight hours of extra battery, making it easy to move around and leave your charger in one place. You can get the Linedock 13 for 15% this week using the OPTINSIDE code at checkout.

Nanoleaf | Canvas

Customize your office space with Nanoleaf panels

There is nothing like quality lighting to improve your workspace and home. Nanoleaf smart home lighting panels will seriously upgrade your workspace with ambient LED lights that sync with your smart home device. Nanoleaf lights can also sync with the music you are playing, changing color with the beat. Our pick is the Nanoleaf canvas, which is made of touch-controllable LED light squares that you can connect on any side. You can arrange the light squares almost any way you can imagine, the design possibilities are pretty much endless! You can get the 9-panel Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter kit for $170 using OPTINSIDE at checkout.

Western Rise | Limitless Shirt

Limitless Merino Button-Down

Just because you are working from home doesn't mean you should wear the same spaghetti stained, worn-out old t-shirt every day. Show up to your Zoom calls (and virtual happy hours) looking good while staying comfortable, with some new shirts from Western Rise. Our top pick for a comfy work from home shirt is the Limitless Merino Button-Down Shirt. This shirt helps you look good for that virtual department heads meeting while staying comfortable. This odor-resistant & anti-wrinkle merino wool shirt combines performance and style with the comfort of your favorite t-shirt (minus the spaghetti stains). To help you opt inside and save some money, Western Rise is offering $50 gift cards for every $100 you spend. So upgrade your wardrobe, and send that special someone you've been dreaming about while locked at home a gift card - or keep it for yourself.

Topo Designs | Classic Hoodie

Topo Designs Classic Hoodie

The Topo Designs Classic Hoodie is a super comfortable hoodie with a bit of color from the custom paracord drawstring that will pop on your next Zoom meeting. Made from 140z brushed French terry, the Topo Classic Hoodie will keep you warm while hanging out inside or doing yard work around the house. Grab it for 25% off this week only with OPTINSIDE at checkout.

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