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COVID-19 Response

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There are many communities that do not have the funds to source emergency PPE gear. As a small ecommerce company, we wish we could help everyone, but we also have limited resources. If we can come together and raise money quickly, we can immediately ship masks to those that need them most.

    • $5 donation = 12 masks
    • $10 donation = 25 masks
    • $20 donation = 50 masks
    • $50 donation = 125 masks
    • $100 donation = 250 masks
    • $500 donation = 1250 masks
* These donations are not tax deductible.

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Donate Masks

COVID-19 Response - $5.00

What We Are Doing

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the medical supply chain for critical supplies has been pushed beyond capacity. In response to sudden and unprecedented need, Nomad has reprioritized our operations to provide medical supplies, like face masks, to those fighting this pandemic. Any profit from this operation will be donated to fight against COVID-19.

Our iPhone case factory constructed a dedicated cleanroom for production of masks.


How are we prioritizing supplies?

We are distributing supplies on critical needs basis, according to the following priority system:

  • Priority 1: Medical professionals
  • Priority 2: First responders
  • Priority 3: Essential businesses

If you are a member of the general public and would like masks, please know that our first priority is serving the groups above. If you would like masks, you can sign up here and we will alert you once critical needs are met.

How have we determined our prices?

Nomad's goal is to get urgent medical supplies to frontline responders and not to profit from this endeavor. We are strictly pricing our products to cover our costs, and any additional revenue from this initiative will be donated to fight COVID-19.

Due to the extreme demand for supplies, there is a shortage of inputs to make the masks such as the special filtration fabrics. Our factory has to purchase this extremely high-priced fabric from sub-suppliers and has no control over the price. We are dedicated to getting cheaper prices and will pass them on to those in need.

Historical Cost of Special Filtration Fabrics