A Behind the Scenes Look: Everything Gets Better with Age

| Words by Madeline Myers

One of our main goals going into 2024 was to showcase our gear through compelling lifestyle imagery. We know there are dozens of brands out there that show you an iPhone case against a white backdrop, and though we totally understand how helpful those representations can be, we wanted to go above and beyond to also provide images of our gear out and about, in the hands of customers like you. 

This week, we sat down with Content Marketing Director Dani Rodriguez to discuss what went into our recent “Everything Gets Better with Age” leather patina photoshoot. She shed light on the creative process behind the shoot, walked us through how shoot day was organized, and shared some unforeseen hurdles.

Creating the Concept

We’d been hoping to organize a photoshoot highlighting the aging process of our leather, but we couldn’t quite figure out how to seamlessly integrate it into our broader marketing strategy. After several collaborative brainstorming sessions, we settled on taking lifestyle images of our gear in a rustic setting, opting for green and cream tones to complement our signature Rustic Brown Horween leather. We brought everything together with a tagline emphasizing the very best part of letting your leather patina: “Everything Gets Better with Age.”

We continued to fine-tune the narrative, making subtle adjustments to ensure alignment with our brand identity. Every aspect, from model selection to color palette, was carefully considered. With mood board in hand and photographers and videographers secured, we continued on to the next phase: bringing the photoshoot to life with models, a location, and props.

From Vision to Reality

Turning our vision into reality required bringing together multiple elements–a model who embodied the narrative and resonated with our customer base, a location that set the scene, and props that told the story. 

We found our model pretty quickly through a casting call and a quick Zoom confirmed he was the perfect fit. Finding a location proved to be a bit more time-intensive. Using Google Maps and satellite imagery, Dani searched for the right setting for almost a month, ultimately settling on a secluded road nestled in the lush hills of Montecito. Its tranquil ambiance and relative privacy provided the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot.

We carefully curated props and styling choices that complemented the essence of our shoot. Opting for muted colors to highlight the richness of our leather products, we decided to rent a cream 1982 Porsche 911 SC.

When it came to selecting Nomad gear for the shoot, we focused on showcasing our Rustic Brown Horween leather collection, featuring popular items like Modern Leather Case for iPhone and AirPods, Card Wallet Plus, and Key Organizer, among others.

Rustic Brown Modern Leather Case
Rustic Brown Key Organizer

The Day of the Shoot

All this hard work came to a head the day of the photoshoot. Here’s what it looked like. 

Prep Time. Dani and the team double-checked the location details, shot list, and props. An hour was set aside to pick up the borrowed car. 

Location Setup. Just before noon, the crew was on-site for a quick lunch and walk-through. Discussions revolved around the shot sequence and any necessary set adjustments and the placement of the car was determined. 

Kickoff. Over the next three hours, the team systematically worked through the shot list, alternating between photo and video setups. Marketing Manager Neil Villadolid ensured each shot was meticulously tracked, while Creative Director Nick Walden captured behind-the-scenes moments. Dani orchestrated the flow, navigating between the photographer and videographer to ensure the vision came to life.

Wrap-up. The last few hours were dedicated to wrapping up the shoot and checking off the remaining items on the list. Dani's preference for ending on a high note saw the team focusing on close-up macro shots, allowing for a more relaxed and conversational atmosphere.

Some Curveballs

Now that all the good stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about some of the curveballs we encountered. We were hoping for clear skies but we got hit with one of those overcast “June Gloom” days typical of Southern California. Though disappointed at first, the cloud cover turned out to be a blessing in disguise–it gave us consistent, flat lighting that made shooting for six hours straight much easier and more enjoyable.

Then there was the car key snapping... We had a vision of including the Porsche’s custom brass key in some of the photos but in an unfortunate turn of events, it snapped off in the car’s ignition. Luckily, the car owner had a spare key and swooped in to save the day–que selective sigh of relief.

Everything Really Does Get Better with Age

In the end, despite a few unexpected twists and turns, our "Everything Gets Better with Age" photoshoot was a success. Through the careful planning and creative collaboration led by Dani and our team, we were able to bring our vision to life. From the initial concept to the final shots, every detail was thoughtfully considered to showcase our leather products and their patinas against a visually compelling rural road backdrop.  

And there you have it – a behind the scenes look at a Nomad photoshoot. Let us know what lifestyle photos you’d like to see by emailing us at support@nomadgoods.com or sending us a DM at @nomad.

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