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Card for AirTag

Wallet Tracking

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Card for AirTag is a credit card size AirTag holder that makes it easier to track your wallet. With a smooth uniform shape, Card for AirTag allows you to keep an AirTag in your wallet without having an unsightly circular bump like you would get by putting an AirTag in your wallet by itself. Card for AirTag is simple to use, just pop in your AirTag and slide into your wallet.

    • Polycarbonate frame provides structure
    • Soft-touch TPU surface
    • Thermoformed leather shape
    • Easily insert/remove your AirTag with snap-in AirTag mount geometry
    • AirTag not included
  • Materials
    • Polycarbonate
    • TPU
    • Horween Leather Logo
  • Technical
    • 54 x 82 x 7.98mm
  • Wallet Compatibility
    • Should fit in most credit card slots in most wallets
    • May not work well with all wallets
  • Does this come with an AirTag?
    No, AirTags are sold separately by Apple.
  • Is this a permanent mount for my AirTag?
    No, the snap-in mount geometry allows you to easily remove or re-insert your AirTag as desired.

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Designed to Fit

Card for AirTag has slightly smaller outside dimensions than a standard credit card. Even though the AirTag is thicker than a credit card, Card for AirTag should fit in most credit card slots without issue.

Tracking Integration

Card for AirTag seamlessly integrates Apple’s powerful location tracking in a form factor convenient for your wallet. The Card securely holds the AirTag in a snap-in enclosure with a uniform shape to prevent an unsightly bump in your wallet.