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Card for AirTag

Wallet Tracking

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Card for AirTag is a credit card shaped AirTag holder that makes it easy to track your wallet with the Find My App.The Apple AirTag is approximately as thick as 10 standard credit cards. Our Card for Airtag does not add any additional thickness, but requires a deep pocket to avoid stretching your wallet or bowing your credit cards. Card for Airtag is not recommended for card-only wallets or hard shell wallets.
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Designed to Fit

Card for AirTag has slightly smaller outside dimensions than a standard credit card. Even though the AirTag is thicker than a credit card, Card for AirTag should fit in most credit card slots without issue.

Tracking Integration

Card for AirTag seamlessly integrates Apple’s powerful location tracking in a form factor convenient for your wallet. The Card securely holds the AirTag in a snap-in enclosure with a uniform shape to prevent an unsightly bump in your wallet.

Find My

Wallet Fit

Card for AirTag fits best in the extra slots behind the main credit card slots in wallets made of soft materials such as leather or fabric. Watch the video to see how Card for AirTag integrates into our Card Wallet Plus and Bifold wallet.

  • Materials
    • Polycarbonate
    • TPU
  • Technical
    • 54 x 82 x 7.98mm
  • Wallet Compatibility
    • Works best with soft wallets made of leather, cloth or canvas. Not recommended with hard shell wallets made of metal or plastic
    • Designed to fit in the “extra slots” that are commonly behind the main credit card slots
    • The AirTag is as thick as 10 credit cards
  • Does this come with an AirTag?
    No, AirTags are sold separately by Apple.
  • Is this a permanent mount for my AirTag?
    No, the snap-in mount geometry allows you to easily remove or re-insert your AirTag as desired.
  • How do I install my AirTag?
    Watch our instructional video below on installing your AirTag.