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Rugged Keychain

For AirTag

  • Materials
    • Polycarbonate
    • TPU
  • Technical
    • IP66 water and dust rated
    • 5.12cm x 4.3cm x 1.02cm
  • Installation
    • Quarter turn to open Rugged AirTag Keychain
    • Insert AirTag and quarter turn to close
  • Intended Use
    • Everyday Carry
  • Do I have to buy the open back and closed back enclosures separately?
    No, both enclosures are included with each purchase.
  • Is my Rugged Keychain waterproof?
    No, but your Keychain is water resistant.
  • Can I choose what to engrave on my Rugged Keychain? How does the engraving attach to my Keychain?
    Yes, you can choose which words or numbers you want to engrave on your Rugged Keychain. Characters are laser-engraved onto an anodized aluminum plate that adheres to your Rugged Keychain with 3M adhesive.

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